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Cs Alhama claims the fitness service for cancer patients

(Photo: Cs Ahama on his Facebook profile).

The orange formation recalls that the Government team announced in November that this service would be a reality

Drafting | Wednesday March 15, 2023

Ciudadanos Alhama demands from the Government team in the City Council of Alhama de Murcia the fitness service for alhameños with an oncological diagnosis.

The orange formation recalls that last November the Alhameño socialist government was asked when this service was going to become a reality in collaboration with the Never Surrender Foundation.

“They told us that it would soon be a reality. We are in March and we have no news. Mariola, give the utmost attention to such a social and human project. Vladi and his legacy believe they deserve this gesture”, Cs Alhama has expressed in their social networks.


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