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Cultural agenda | What to do in Madrid this week: ‘Fitness Climate’, ‘Family musical feast’, ‘Bestiario. Vampires, Witches and Other Misfits’, ‘In Your Face: Chicano Art After CARA’, ‘The Very Best Of Notodofilmfest’, Los Jueves del Lázaro and ‘Tóim, where are you?’

Adaptation to the effects of climate change has gone from being almost a pipe dream to an urgent necessity. For this reason, reflecting on it, understanding the mutual relations that exist between the species that inhabit this world, is increasingly urgent. The program that Intermediae begins this July in Matadero —and that will last until the summer of next year— invites us to be part of this collective reflection and to imagine alternatives in this context of crisis, such as that of “climate fitness& rdquor ;, that is, the physical and mental preparation that we will need at a given moment to face the consequences of an environmental collapse. Over the next few months, different activities will take place, including a critical studies seminar, a series of conferences, a call for video art, and another for research projects. To open the program, this week an intervention is inaugurated in nave 17 with works by Faysal Altunbozar, Itziar Barrio, Ibiye Camp, Irati Inoriza and Mary Maggic.

‘Family musical feast’

The Teatro Real closes its season with a series of lyrical concerts designed for the whole family, in which the little ones can get closer to classical music in a fun and participatory way. Until mid-July, they have organized eight sessions that will take place at the Real Teatro de Retiro and in which we will listen to works by composers such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Brahms or Strauss, as well as the All You Need Is Love of The Beatles. The script and the presentation of the show are carried out by Fernando Palacios and the musical direction is by Lara Diloy. In addition, on the website of the Real Teatro de Retiro there is a didactic guide with activities for all ages, which allows the little ones to get to know the pieces that will be played in the concert a little better.

‘Bestiary. Vampires, witches and other misfits’

During summer nights, the Reina Sofía opens the doors of its garden so that we can take refuge from the heat while enjoying a good movie. This year, the programming of its open-air cinema is dedicated to monsters in their broadest meaning: as representations of evil in horror and science fiction stories, but also as personifications of the marginal, the weird and the misfit. The selection of titles is the most eclectic and includes classic, independent, auteur, cult and animated films. Thus, in their programming they coexist doctor frankenstein by James Whale, Häxan by Benjamin Christensen or Freaks by Tod Browning with The Love Witch by Anna Biller, Irma Vep by Oliver Assayas or little pig by Carlota Pereda (who will attend the session on August 5 to present the film).

‘In Your Face: Chicano Art After FACE’

Chicano Art: Resistance And Affirmation (also known by its acronym, EXPENSIVE) was an itinerant exhibition that traveled to different parts of the United States in the early 1990s. Including only works by Mexican-American artists, this was the first major exhibition dedicated to this type of art, which achieved significant media attention and recognition. to access the great museums. The exhibition that now arrives at the Serrería Belga Cultural Space, curated by Susana Smith Bautista, is considered as a kind of ideal continuation of that historic EXPENSIVEthis time with works by creators belonging to a new generation, but who, like those who were part of the exhibition in the 1990s, have made Chicano and Mexican identity the center of their work.

‘The Very Best Of Notodofilmfest’

Since 2001, Notodofilmfest has been bringing us the best short films from the bowels of the Internet and discovering creators with enormous and unclassifiable talent. Its festival never ceases to amaze us edition after edition, which is why the session organized this Saturday by Cine Paz is a fantastic opportunity to see some of the best shorts shot in Madrid and its different districts on the big screen. This is an event organized by Notodofilmfest in collaboration with the Madrid Film Office —which sponsors the Madrid 21 Districts Awardawarded to those works that best portray Madrid as a setting for filming— and, at the end of the screening, its director will chat with some of the creators.

‘The house of jealousy and jungles of Ardenia’

The house of jealousy and jungles of Ardenia it is the only Cervantes comedy never performed professionally since it was created four centuries ago. The theater director Ernesto Arias has proposed to remedy it and finally bring Cervantes’ work to the stage. He will do it next week in the auditorium of the Juan March Foundation, within the framework of his initiative guest playwright. If the work has never been staged, it is probably because its plot is not linear and there is no story that stands out above the other, since two different but parallel ones take place in it: that of two knights of the court of Charlemagne who fall in love with the same woman and that of two shepherds who are delirious because they are also in love with the same shepherdess, all seasoned with mythological and allegorical figures.

This Thursday, great plan at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum. Two lucky groups of 25 people will be able to access the museum facilities and visit them accompanied by professional guides, who will lead them among the works of artists such as Velázquez, Murillo, Cranach, Constable, Paret or Madrazo. At the end of the visit, the group will be able to enjoy a beer and music chill out in the elegant palace garden that houses the museum’s collection. These visits are part of the program Lazarus Thursdayswhich began in June and, after taking a break in August, will start up again in September.

‘Toim, where are you?’

The importance of having diverse referents begins in childhood, since the more realities the little ones know, the richer the world they are capable of imagining will be. In this case, the book Tom, where are you? He tells us about how different our hair can be and how, like Lu —the protagonist of the story—, on many occasions the type of hair we have can be closely linked to our identity. Written and illustrated by Tamires Lima, this story is about accepting our features and our roots, and claims that all hair types are equally beautiful. At the end of telling the story, all attendees will receive the necessary materials to create a little doll whose hair they can decorate with all kinds of decorations.

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