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Daily practices to lengthen your healthspan

Living to 90 is a feat in itself, but imagine being able to compete in triathlons even as you near that distinguished age. 

This is the reality for Dr. Joseph Maroon, an 82-year-old triathlete who also works as a consultant neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers and medical director of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

“I tell people my goal in life is to die young as late as possible,” Maroon says. “I’m focused on my healthspan, not so much my lifespan.”

Maroon credits his value of mind and body connection for his ability to compete in eight Ironman Triathlons, nine marathons and over 70 Olympic-distance triathlon events. 

He experienced a “lifequake,” as he describes it, when his dad passed; it both led him to his lowest point of quitting neurosurgery and flipping burgers at age 40, and his purpose, when the banker who held the mortgage of the burger joint, invited him to go running.

“I noticed coincidentally with my physical activity, my depression was slowly lifting, my 15-pound weight loss was coming down, my brain was starting to function again and eventually, I was able to get back to neurosurgery,” Maroon says. “The physical activity literally saved my life.”

From that point forward, Maroon made some serious changes to his daily habits, which he believes added extra years to both his “healthspan” and his lifespan.

Daily practices of an 82-year-old triathlete and neurosurgeon

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