Dedicated School Teacher Breaks Barriers and Prioritizes Fitness Despite Busy Schedule

It is always a welcome surprise to see how driven people are toward fitness. While there are many who choose to build their bodies to participate in the competitive bodybuilding sphere, there are others who choose fitness for mental peace. Their passion for fitness is strong enough to demolish all barriers. Such has been the story of Christina Pina.

The school teacher showcases her love for fitness in her TikTok videos. As a fitness enthusiast, Pina thinks if one is motivated enough, they can turn any place into a personalized workout space. In fact, in a new video, the teacher shared how she works out with her students during her leisure school hours. Let’s check out more about the video.

Teacher and a fitness freak, at the same time


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Christina is a gym junkie and an avid powerlifter with a devoted passion for fitness. In fact, while she is not teaching her students, she prefers to engage in boxing sessions to make her core strong. But it’s indeed her busy schedule that distances her from going to the gym regularly. But that doesn’t stop Pina to keep her fitness intact. Interestingly, the fitness enthusiast made her school premises her customized workout center. In a recent TikTok update, the teacher and gym freak talked about her workout retreat on a busy day.

Captioning the video with, “POV: You’re a teacher about to work out with your P.E. classes on your lunch break”. In that video, she was seen taking pre-workout supplements to help her keep up her energy while doing the sessions.


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Pina hates the 5 pm gym rush and replaces it with a fun workout time with her students. Hers is an example that reaffirms the belief that if there is a will, there is a way. Inspiring stories such as Pina’s are not hard to find. Rachel’s story is no different.

Demolishing barriers for passion in bodybuilding


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Talking about pushing the barriers, there’s a 32-year-old mom who devoted herself to working out even during her pregnancy. Rachel Noelle D’Angelo, the mother of one, showcased her active workouts from 1st to the 39th week of her pregnancy and shared updates on her TikTok videos.

The fitness influencer videotaped herself on the 15th, 25th, and finally the 39th week. With the encouraging snippets, D’Angelo shared how far she can push herself for her passion and how her body was capable of being in tandem with her mind.


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