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Demonstration of Tae Kwon Do on Fitness Saturday (Photos) – El Heraldo de Tabasco

An excellent demonstration of Taekwondo is the one offered this Saturday at the facilities of El Heraldo de Tabasco.

Despite the heavy rain that hit the capital of Tabasco, this demonstration was possible thanks to the participation of Luis Alberto Pérez de la Cruz, Tae Kwon Do teacher, third degree black belt.

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Accompanied by a good number of students who attended with their parents, the demonstration of this sport also had a good response on social networks.

The teacher Pérez de la Cruz, pointed out that he is currently in charge of the Pan-American Tae Kwon Do Center, and teaches classes in Hamilton schools, and soon he will also be teaching classes in the Indeco neighborhood.

I started teaching classes six years ago, I already have advanced students with black belts, soon we will have students to deliver at the selective state level and we hope to reach international national competitions”, express.

He indicated that this Saturday the idea of ​​going to this publishing house was to give an exhibition of this sport, in itself what would be a class.

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“First we start with a greeting, then with a joint warm-up, then a physical warm-up and from there we go to the kicking techniques and review of forms”he commented.

He indicated that he currently focuses a lot on children’s education, which is why he is specialized in teaching children from 3 years of age.

“Let’s say that this can be heavier, but personally it is a challenge, it is more fun, I want the child to achieve it more; In addition, I think that I am going more to the field of forging human beings with character, confident, good, because Taekwondo is a discipline that does not take one hour, many of us work on it further ”, he emphasized.

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Aware that the platforms of El Heraldo de Tabasco will reach more people, he took the opportunity to make a call: “That they be encouraged to practice a sport, the truth is that there are children who carry up to 3 sports, and for parents, the best solution so that your son burns energy and is not sitting on the computer, is to practice sports, and Taekwondo is a very complete sport”.

It should be noted that Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea and has been taught in Asian civilization for centuries. It has become a modern sport, a way of blocking blows, kicking and punching without weapons.


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