Dr. Fishman’s 12 Yoga Poses for Bone Health & Osteoporosis of the Spine | Including Seated Twists

The complete practice is here! Dr. Fishman’s 12 Yoga Poses for Bone Health & Osteoporosis of the Spine, Including Seated Twists!

Twisting can be a safe bone health exercise, and beneficial with osteoporosis if done correctly. Practice along with Kendra as she guides you through the complete osteoporosis yoga sequence, including both options for the twist: straight-legged twist and bent-knee twist, along with guides on how to safely twist with osteoporosis.

Daily practice of yoga for osteoporosis of the spine (the Fishman method) has been shown to improve bone density in subsequent bone scans, as shared by Dr. Loren Fishman. (And many of our subscribers have shared their own results too!)

👉👉 I had requests for an uninterrupted version of osteoporosis yoga exercises, and 12 poses for osteoporosis and better bone health, for those of you who do it daily. Here it is, accessible for $4.99 / month! I’ve also included several other videos in this platform, ad-free. Enjoy! :

Many more bone health and strength workouts and yoga for seniors practices are coming soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to be alerted when a new video drops!

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