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Dr. Kevin Kazakevich’s Book Inspires Readers to Choose Wellness

How will the world end? Will it be through war or famine? Or will it be caused by greedy elites and capitalists? Dr. Kazakevich seeks to unmask the truth on health fallacies that plague conventional medicine. His book, “They Are Going to Kill Us All: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You,” reveals why people should use natural treatments for a healthier life.

Dr. Kazakevich provides wellness tips and insights to his readers, including avoiding exposure to potential health threats. In line with his philosophy, Dr. Kazakevich emphasizes the advantages of natural dietary detoxification and other therapies. He further explained why natural treatment benefits all age groups regardless of whether a person is young or old.

Additionally, Dr. Kazakevich’s book highlights the peril of using pharmaceuticals and food that have been chemically altered. Dr. Ford wants to motivate his readers to learn about the beauty and advantages of natural treatments and impart his knowledge. His passion for developing the ideal anti-aging strategy inspired him to produce books on natural well-being.

Dr. Kevin Kazakevich’s book is an expose, and an eye-opener to one of the most pressing issues humanity faces today. It will inspire readers to change how they value wellness and be vigilant in some modern treatments. The book is ideal for anyone who loves health.

Grab a copy of Kevin Kazakevich (Ford) M.D.’s “They Are Going to Kill Us All: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You” on Amazon.

Kevin Kazakevich also referred to as Dr. Ford, is a physician. He is also an expert in regenerative, functional, and anti-aging medicine. He is educated at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, receiving his advanced fellowship certificate. He is devoted to achieving the ultimate anti-aging plan.

Dr. Ford is the author of two books: “They Are Going to Kill Us All: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You” (2022) and “Exposing the Dangers and True Motivations of Conventional Medicine” (2015). He plans to publish more books in the future. As a young man, Dr. Ford performed as a professional cellist. He leads an active lifestyle and enjoys working out. Dr. Ford now resides in Birmingham, Alabama.

They Are Going to Kill Us All: How the Corporate Elite Are Killing You
Author | Kevin Kazakevich (Ford) M. D.
Genre | Autobiography, Alternative Medicine
Publisher | Book Vine Press
Published date | January 25, 2022

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