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Dreamfit accelerates to reach thirty gyms by 2025 and targets 36 million by 2023

Dreamfit continues adding centers in Spain. The Madrid chain of gyms, founded in 2010, plans to have thirty gyms before 2025, seven more than it currently hasafter improving its income and growth forecasts, as indicated by Rafael Cecilio, president and majority shareholder of the chain, to Palco23.

The group has 23 gyms and this year it will open new centers in Coslada (Madrid), Córdoba and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), although “due to administrative delays the execution of the works could be prolonged,” Cecilio details. The entity’s intention is to continue expanding at a moderate pace in the coming years.

This new expansion plan comes to light after Dreamfit has improved its income in 2022 and increased its growth forecasts for 2023. Last year, the company had a turnover of 29.1 million euros, a figure that it expects to increase to 36 million. euros in 2023.

After closing last year with 97,000 members, in the first two months the number of subscribers has already risen to 100,000 subscribers and plans to continue increasing the number to 105,000 members at the end of this academic year.

In addition, Smartfit expects to continue in black numbers for the fifth consecutive year, since it was one of the few chains that did not make losses during the pandemic. The positive dynamics has also caused an increase in the group’s total workforce, up to 440 workers.

But the expansion plan executed by the company is subject to the evolution of the market and the company. “Since we don’t have an investment fund behind us, we don’t have financial pressure, so our expansion plans are thoroughly studied,” Cecilio emphasizes.

However, not everything has been good news for the group, affected by inflation and the increase in energy costs. “We have multiplied the costs of gyms by threeand it is true that spending has softened since the end of 2022, but the increase in spending has been significant ”, details Cecilio.

To fight against the increase in costs, the group has chosen to raise subscription fees. Now, the group’s single subscription reaches 36.90 euros per month, which represents an increase of up to ten euros compared to pre-pandemic figures.

“Things can always be seen in many ways, I choose to pay attention to the fact that since the masks were removed in April the evolution of the sector has been very positive: the ghosts of the pandemic have passed,” adds the manager. “I think this is the year of fitness recovery, he concludes.

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