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ECO GYM is the new Spanish company of sustainable, personalized and transportable gyms, created by one of our oldest collaborators, Raúl Notario Alonso, UAX Operations Director Rafael Nadal. Director of Sports, along with ismael parrilla from NSCA. It is a concept that brings something more to the fitness and health market, with everything they know and have learned during all these years (and continue to learn) at UAX University.


For a few years now, the demand for finding equipped outdoor spaces to be able to train and stay active has grown substantially. Most people opt for running or cycling in the open air, however, until now there was no option that could offer answers to the needs that appeared in the fitness, well-being and health market that responded to design criteria. , comfort and efficiency. Many people seek to do strength exercises or ride a bike and run in safe and pleasant environments, they also seek to have their own fitness corner in their garden or in the club where they train and practice sports, outdoors, but also with solutions indoors in case the weather is not good. Due to this, Eco Gym was born, the first transportable, ecological gyms, with solutions outdoor and indoor and designed to measure so that anyone can enjoy a premium experience in a fully equipped gym in the garden of their house, in their neighborhood community, in any sports club or in their favorite summer hotel. [banner-AMP_addoor]

Eco Gym offers high-quality equipment made with sustainable materials and personalized and innovative designs, direct to be installed in various environments, from parks and beaches to common use patios, private gardens and hotels.

There are many hotels, football clubs, basketball, teams of various sports, etc., which do not have useful space to install a gym in their facilities, however, customers and users greatly value this type of premium facility, it is essential for many people. As it is a portable gym, the space it occupies does not count within the square meters built and it can be placed in the best spaces, with views of the sea or the mountains, next to the playing field or in a common area. In addition, thanks to its solar panels it can work autonomously without problems.

ECO GYM Caelum

The founders of ECO GYM, who have more than 20 years of experience in the sports management and fitness, health and performance sector, are proud to be able to offer a complete service, starting with design and personalized advice. , to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. What makes Eco Gym different is the comprehensive service with advice included.

At Eco Gym we are not going to sell any material to any client that we know they are not going to use for the mere fact of increasing our numbers. We firmly believe that the client must know what he is buying and professional advice is the main key within our services. Our portable gyms are the first of their kind, built with high-quality, sustainable materials and designed with energy-efficient features to minimize environmental impact.

Each element, from the equipment to the accessories, is carefully selected to provide you with an exceptional fitness experience in which you will participate from the design. In short, ECO GYM takes fitness anywhere in the world through our portable gym solutions to enable any person, company and/or organization to integrate physical activity into their daily lives.

If you are interested in ECO GYM and want to request more information, you can consult the website and leave your form so that they can carry out your personalized study

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