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Edurne dazzles at the Dial Awards wearing a great body

    Just when you thought awards season, after gazing at Nicole Kimpel’s incredible abs, Halle Berry’s impressively strong legs and, of course, Ana de Armas’ rocking buttocks at the 2023 Oscars, was over, you realize it’s not. , that there are still some red carpets to finish this stage.

    In fact, to corroborate it, a few hours ago the iconic Dial Awards of 2023 were held. An event that seeks to reward musical talent. And yes, as you can already assume from the headline, Edurne has participated. And piece of apparition!

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    With a spectacular and more than flattering red dress, Edurnewhich in this edition has taken the role of master of ceremonies together with Nia Correía and Carmen Ramírez, she has walked the carpet making us participate, once again, through the delicate opening that the midi skirt of the dress has, of her incredible and stylized legs (the same ones that she wore in her last single) and, of course, her mega-defined obliques emphasized by her firm and toned stomach in that kind of corset with transparencies that evokes Florence Pugh. And there is no doubt that the singer is in perfect physical shape.

    Edurne and the step by step to achieve that definition of belly and legs

    Although it is true that it is not the first time that we have told you about the incredible physical evolution that Edurne has experienced, we cannot help but remain speechless with each of their latest appearances. Although, the strange thing would be the opposite.

    The singer has not ceased to enhance her silhouettefurther defining it, through multiple exercise tables and routines. Training sessions that help you give your all on stage and, of course, to look so sensational as it has been, in this case, in the edition of the Dial Awards outside and on stage.

    edurne dial awards

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    And what do you do to achieve it? The essential thing for her, as she has been clarifying in recent years, relies on food. Variety and balance are the key.

    Now, the exercises focused on the abdominal area and his predilection for strength training have become responsible for his belly looking flat and toned and, of course, your legs look much stronger, But are not the only ones. Their small and more than catchy choreographies shared through TikToknot only allow you to release endorphins, but also stimulate good cardio and are suitable for all.

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