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Eliminate the bulging lower abdomen with this EASY exercise

The food that we fall heavy and the lack of hydration usually causes our lower belly begins to bulge and when we wear very tight clothes it is something that sticks out. This causes many insecurities in hundreds of people, if this is your case, here we will tell you how to do ONE exercise very simple that will give you flat stomach.

You can do it from home and you just need an exercise cover up so you don’t have a direct hit with the ground. We suggest you warm up between 5 and 15 minutes so that your body warms up and you don’t get injured. Get comfortable and perform this movement. We tell you how to do it!

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Do this ONLY exercise to eliminate a bulging lower belly

Step 1

  • lie down on the mat face up and stick your arms to your sides.
  • Place the palms hand down and put your buttocks about them.
  • Place your feet so that only the tips touch the ground and the heels are at the air.
  • breathe deep before moving on to the second step.
Exercise to eliminate bulging lower belly | YouTube / Beautybyrina Beauty Secrets

Step 2

  • push yourself in the buttocks and throw your knees to you.
  • That your knees They are up to your chest.
  • Wait ONE second and then lower the knees to the starting position.
  • The feet again they must be touching the ground with the tips.
  • Repeat this exercise for 15 repetitions in 3 series.
Bulging low belly: How to eliminate it? | YouTube / Beautybyrina Beauty Secrets

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What is the best way to get a flat lower abdomen FAST?

If you lower belly Begin to swellsurely you have wondered: What is the best way to get a flat stomach fast? The answer, as you can imagine, depends on your nutrition, hydration and exercise. Constancy is also the key to success, because the better your habits are, the better results you will have and your lower belly will flatten in no time.

Flat low abdomen | Pexels

try this exercise and you will notice changes in your body. Remember that if you have an injury that prevents you from moving easily, the ideal is to see a doctor to tell you what the better nutrition and mobility procedure so that your lower abdomen is flat.

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