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Elsa Pataky shows off strong arms on her return to Madrid

    Elsa Pataky has set foot on the streets of Madrid once again to promote the collection of sandals of which he is the image and our eyes have gone straight to the strong arms that the actress wore in a black sleeveless jumpsuit. We confirm that Pataky is as fit as ever and that her arms become direct competition for those of Queen Letizia.

    And we know that for Elsa, leading a healthy lifestyle with super-disciplined training is something basic in her day-to-day life. In addition, she has shared her strength routines, her boxing classes, yoga or even some training in the company of her husband through her social networks on more than one occasion. Chris Hemsworth which of course we have signed because they are always a very good source of fitness inspiration.

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    elsa pataky presents gioseppo collection in madrid

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    How to get strong arms like Elsa Pataky

    “I can’t go without training for more than two weeks at a time, I feel very nervous and my energy starts to drop. When you start exercising and see your body start to change and you are gradually achieving your goals, it’s just wonderful” . She recounted in an interview for Women’s Health. So one of the keys is that, perseverance and discipline. But if you want to give your arms a workout with an exercise routine, we suggest you save the one prepared by our ‘Women’s Health Trainer of the Month’, Andrea de Ayala. You dare?

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