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Enrollment for the Independence Cup of bodybuilding and fitness tomorrow, Sunday in Santiago, will reward the best teams

SANTIAGO, Feb 25 .- With the novelty of the special prizes for the best teams, in addition to the great absolutes and those corresponding to each category, as well as the successful registrations, measurements and weigh-ins for the entire day, everything was scheduled for May the XXIX Copa Independencia bodybuilding and fitness national championship be successful tomorrow, Sunday, February 26, at the Gran Arena del Cibao, in Santiago.

Throughout the day of this Saturday, the participating athletes, despite the long hours that ended at six in the afternoon, maintained the usual harmony and competitive joy, successfully completing everything corresponding to what was scheduled, announcing a record number of athletes. .

“Everything went very well, we just wait until tomorrow when it is 10:00 am to start the event that, in addition to the competition will have special surprises, we are waiting for you this Sunday, January 26 at the Gran Arena del Cibao,” said Mr. Tony Peña R, president of the Dominican Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (FDFF).

It will compete in 7 divisions, which group 30 categories: Open, Classic Bodybuilding, Fit Model and Classic Game; Wellness, junior up to 23 years of age, up to 160 centimeters (cm) tall, over 160cm and Master over 35 years of age; Bikini Fitness, up to 160cm, up to 163cm, up to 166cm, over 166cm, junior up to 23 years old and master over 35 years old.

As well as, Bodybuilding, weights, light (Up to 154 ¼ pounds (lbs), welterweight (Up to 165 ¼ lbs), medium (Up to 176 ¼ lbs), light heavyweight (Up to 198 ¼ lbs), heavy (More than 198 ¼ lbs) and master over 40 years of age.

Plus, Men’s Physique, up to 170cm, up to 174cm, up to 178cm, over 178cm, junior up to 23 years old and master over 40 years old; Muscular Men’s Physique, up to 170cm, up to 175cm and over 175cm; Classic Physique, up to 172cm and over 172cm.

The competition is endorsed by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), the Dominican Federation of that sport (FDFF) and the national association of the same (ASONADEFI); officially sponsored by Vitasalud, co-sponsored by the Dominican Ministry of Sports, Elite Tan, Spartan Sports Fitness, IFBB Academy Caribbean, Coos Fitness and Tony’s Gym.

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