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Esther Cañadas (46) and her spectacular quadriceps in Milan

Esther Canadas He has returned to the catwalk to applause. She had not been on this type of catwalk for thirteen years and after revealing her immunological disease, the announcement of her withdrawal seemed to have been made. Yes, she seemed; after the last hours… we would not put our hand in the fire with that statement. It is not known if it has been a punctual return -as it already was in 2020 during the presentation of the Balmain collection- or if its characteristic walk is going to give us something to talk about in the following fashion shows, but there is no doubt about it. is that with his appearance has made his name attract all the attention.

And not only because this has occurred during the Milan fashion weekbut her impressive legs. Although, to be fair, that adjective falls short; turns out to be indescribable how incredibly toned and strong they look. Just by seeing them, we are almost sure -99%, we would say- that you will subscribe to our words.

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Incredible true? Very few names, (among which -how could it be otherwise- hers stands out) could parade with that incredible presence in the outfit worn by Esther Cañadas and show off that muscle responsible for never having hiccups again.

Esther Cañadas, impressive, shows off her muscular and defined legs

At 46 years old, Esther Cañadas has risen with her characteristic agility to the catwalk favoring that there was not a glance of those present in the parade that did not fall on her; It has become the brooch -and no, we’re not just talking about the lobster orange of her dress- from Dsquared2. Her black dress with a pronounced slit on the side, shaded the incredible silhouette of the model.

A toning that, in fact, the model has been achieved with outdoor exercises where the battlebox has adopted a certain role of responsibility. A discipline that combines cardio and strength and that, as you can already imagine, has favored that incredible definition lower train Likewise, the gluteus kick that, at times, has been shared on networks stimulate that result.

Now, if you don’t know how to recreate the effects that the model exhibited, you can always opt for this lower body routine that will help you reach your goal.

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