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Etenon Fitness equips three new training centers

Etenon Fitness, a company originally from the province of Jaén, continues its expansion by collaborating with leading training centers in different regions of Spain.

These new centers, located in Ontinyent (Valencian Community), Los Ángeles de San Rafael (Segovia) and Torrijos (Toledo), have trusted Etenon Fitness to equip their facilities and offer their users a top-level training experience. “The growth of the company is attributed to its experience of more than 20 years in the sector, backed by a solid trajectory conditioning national and international training centers of very high level with fitness equipment and machinery. In addition, Etenon Fitness has consolidated its reputation by participating as an official sponsor in renowned world events in the field of fitness and bodybuilding, such as the Mr. Olympia, and in the Crosstraining sector, such as the Marbella Championship”, the company explains.

The Concept Fitness Center, located in Ontinyent (Valencian Community).

Concept Fitness Center

The first project in which Etenon has provided its services has been carried out at the CONCEPT Fitness Center, located in Ontinyent (Valencian Community). It is a training center that seeks the best methods to exercise the body in a healthy and effective way.

Concept offers a wide variety of training, including guided classes such as Bootcamp, Body Pump, Grit or Combat, as well as free training in its fitness room or in its open Box. In its commitment to provide the best quality, Concept has renewed its cardio machinery with equipment from the Etenon, Unlimited and AllFreeWeight brands. We thank Rubén, responsible for this project, for his confidence in our company.

The Slam School High Performance Center, located in Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia).

Salm School and D3 Functional Training Center

Another important agreement has been established with the Centro de Alto Rendimiento Slam School, located in Los Ángeles de San Rafael (Segovia), a private institution that offers unique study programs based on High Sports Performance or High Capabilities. As part of its sports facilities, Slam has equipped its center with brand equipment, guaranteeing students an optimal environment for their development and sports performance.

On the other hand, the D3 Functional Training Center, located in Torrijos (Toledo), a center inaugurated last June, specialized in health, injury recovery and increased muscle performance for users of all levels, has equipped part of its facilities with equipment and cages from the AllFreeWeight brand. This choice demonstrates D3’s commitment to offering its clients a first class training environment.

These collaborations reflect the trust of these major training centers in Etenon Fitness and its brands, as well as the company’s commitment to quality and excellence. The company continues to be committed to supporting and guiding fitness entrepreneurs and professionals in achieving their objectives and projects throughout the national territory, the company concludes.

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