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Eva González’s 3 exercises to strengthen buttocks and legs

    To say that eva gonzalez looks toned body is evidence. The 42-year-old model and presenter is still as fit as ever thanks to the training routines she works hard at the gym every day. And it is that for us she falls within the group of Women’s Health women who are a source of fitness inspiration and that is why we have signed up for the three basic exercises that Eva has taught us through Instagram to strengthen abs, buttocks and legs. They are very simple movements present in any good lower body routine but sometimes because it is one of the classics we skip and ignore it. This of course is a mistake and our advice from experts in fitness discipline is to keep them in your routine to avoid suffering from the tremendous soreness that they leave you with (this must be taken into account) and to keep your abs, buttocks and legs at bay as hard as a diamond

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    Next we are going to see what exercises it is about.

    Eva González’s 3 exercises to strengthen the abs, buttocks and legs

    As we told you in the previous paragraph, we are not going to discover America, far from it. There are three exercises that you have surely done at some time in your life but that are not less important because they are basic. If you sign up to do them, this circuit is perfect to do it as a couple like Eva in the Instagram story.


    The classic abdominal exercise. Lying face up on the mat with your legs bent and the soles of your feet on the ground, go up giving impulse with your abdomen without forcing your neck and return to the starting position.

    If your gym partner holds your feet, you will gain stability and it will be much better.

    mountain climber

    The classic climbers, in plank position with outstretched arms alternate the movement of the legs raising the knees towards the chest as if you were climbing a wall or a mountain.

    classic squat

    Open your legs to the width of your hips and lower yourself keeping your back straight and your chest out. Let the weight fall on your heels. To help you, bring your hands together with your elbows bent during the descent and stretch when you return to the starting position.

    If these three exercises fall short for you, try adding a few resistance bands on your thighs (at mid-height more or less) to add difficulty to the movement. Also remember that for this type of training, you must wear the right shoes that provide you with good stability and a good grip. Following the resistance bands, we leave you a proposal of Skechers sneakers with excellent value for money.


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