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Eva Longoria does this exercise on the wall to have perfect buttocks

Eva Longoria She is one of the celebrities who most inspire us to come back to life fitness and it is that on this occasion the celebrity shared a exercise What can you do on the wall to get perfect buttocks, so be inspired by his proposal to test it over the next few weeks.

Are you ready to start a new lifestyle? If you want to implement positive habits that help you transform your body, we present one of the disciplines that the actress from Desperate Housewives usually do for keeping fit and with a defined silhouette.

This is how Eva Longoria grows her buttocks after 40

Through her Instagram account, the famous shared a video in which she showed her morning sports routine. On this occasion he showed off his team TRXone of his favorite tools for strengthen your muscles while you work with the strength of your body, in addition to leaning on the wall.

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This is how Eva Longoria grows her buttocks after 40. Photo:IG

What is TRX and what is it for?

It is a training that consists of performing suspended exercises in the air with the help of a pair of ribbons that will support you while you choose some variations of the repetitions that you surely already know. Our recommendation is that you perform a routine in the company of someone who is an expert in the field.

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