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Eva Longoria shows the exercises she does at dawn

    The days, the months, the years go by… and it seems that for Eva Longoria time does not advance even a single minute. Is it our thing or is it getting more radiant and stronger every day? The actress is one of those cases in which it seems that youth is eternal (as is also the case with women like Jennifer Lopez or even Jennifer Aniston, among many others). Seriously, you only need to take a look at the last publication of her in a swimsuit to be amazed by her toned physique.

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    The 47-year-old actress is totally fit and this is largely due to his training routines (whether it is the ones he does with his beloved trampoline, his strength exercises, or his routines full body) as well as, of course, their involvement and discipline. If you follow Eva on Instagram You have probably seen him get up early on several occasions to train in the middle of the night.

    That feat worthy of admiration -and with which not everyone dares- It seems to be one of the alternatives that the actress resorts to the most to train, either for commitments, for a practical matter or simply of their own free will. In any case, he’s at it again.

    Eva Longoria does these exercises at dawn

    The actress has shared several stories to show his arrival at the gym and his exercise routine in the middle of the night. Eve he got up before six in the morning and around that time he arrived at the gym Workout ready and toasty in a brown fleece like this one.

    warm fleece lining



    He then showed his first exercise which consisted of scissoring with his legs crossing a ball between them (a super demanding exercise to strengthen the abdomen).

    Mini Pilates ball



    And then, he began to jump rope; a demanding cardio exercise that is effective for burning fat and toning the whole body -here we tell you how-.

    Electronic jump rope with calorie counter



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