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Eva Soriano and her passion for Cross Fit: this she has told us

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Hours of sleep are the ones that you have to optimize at this time eva soriaeither for being in one of the most important moments of his career. The comedian presents the new program for which she bets Movistar Plus+, ‘Showriano’, of which she is the protagonist and which, as its own director declares, “is made like a tailor-made suit”. ‘Showrian‘ is a sing-show (that’s what Eva calls it) in which each week the set will become a discotheque and whose content will be structured around three fundamental axes: music, interviews and humor. And as in any good club, in addition to the songs we already know, it will have new ones of its own production that will be accompanied by its good choreography designed by Antonio Banderas’ choreographer. Thanks to the latter, we will have the opportunity for Soriano to show us that despite the number of projects he has on the table -to which he now adds this new format-, he still gets time to train (the Cross Fit is her passion) and stay as fit as ever. About the latter, we have had the opportunity to chat with her.

You are at a super cool moment in your career, you have many projects on your hands and the question arises to all of us: do you have free time left to enjoy outside of work?

AND: Although it may not seem like it, I am quite a enjoyer. I have a good time with anything, I really enjoy the solitude of my sofa, not talking to anyone and lying around reading any crime novel with chai tea in hand, even going out with my friends or going to the movies , which I like very much. I would say that I like dogging in all its splendor: I love going out and dogging all the way to the ground but I also love dogging at home throwing myself to the ground crawling. By this I mean that I am a person who enjoys everything but right now I am aware that I have to optimize my time and I have to choose between what I feel like most. Whether to be in slug mode or in sandunguera mode, before I could flirt a little with everything.

Among all this maelstrom of things you have to do, do you find time to continue training in Cross Fit?

AND: Absolutely every day of my life I train, it helps me a lot to disconnect. It’s an absolute pain in the ass to be in my brain because I’m thinking jokes all the time so since you have to be focused on just surviving during training, it’s much easier to stay calm. For me it is a point of disconnection, it is something more mental than physical.

What song do you choose to train and motivate yourself to the fullest?

AND: I have a playlist called ‘Chayanne en vena’. Chayanne has the best songs to train in the world, ‘Mariana’ is a great song to hit jump ropes at full cardio and then the slow ones are very useful for anaerobic dynamics, strength. ‘Y tú te vas’ is the song I put on to train when I’m alone.

And do you do Cross Fit alone or do you also do some other type of sport or training?

AND: I do Cross Fit two days a week, two days a personal trainer and one day I do yoga. I survive thanks to sport, I discovered Cross Fit in 2018 and it’s the only thing that really makes me disconnect because of the type of dynamic, being with people, being able to bite someone or even yourself like ‘today I’m lifting the kettlebell from 16 kg’… What do you look like an insane person? Yes, but it helps me a lot to disconnect.

And apart from sports, do you take care of your diet in any special way?

AND: I try to take care of her as much as possible from Monday to Friday, however, on weekends I do not take care of anything that has to do with this. On weekends I need to know that I am still alive, #I am human as Chenoa would say (laughs) But during the week I try to lower my carbohydrates a bit because I know that during the weekend I am going to inflate myself, but without stopping consuming them because I am aware that they are necessary. In this way I achieve a balance between what I eat during the week and during the weekend. Alright? I don’t know, but it works for me.

You are full of sports in your daily life but when you go on vacation, how do you manage to disconnect?

AND: When I go on vacation I look for a Cross Fit box because I can’t conceive of life if I don’t lift a kettlebell twice a week. For example, I recently went to Gran Canaria with my friends and since they are also hooked on this, we find a place to go train three days a week. That is, 3 days out of 7 that we were going to be there. That is the level. I’m a fucking sports geek, that’s why I also bring it up a lot on networks and the reality is that I’m much better since I trained, I talk to everyone as if sport had been Tom Cruise’s Scientology but it’s just that It’s true, I feel much healthier. Before I had back problems, my shoulder would come out every now and then and as a result of having gained muscle mass, I no longer have pain or my shoulder comes out or anything.

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