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exercises to lose weight: Three perfect sports if your goal is to lose weight

Among the fans

gymthere are two types: those who believe that just by paying for it they already have the job done and those who

they are not deceived. Within this second group, there are those who prefer to use all the

gym machines (like the treadmill) and those who prefer the

guided classes (like the siclo), to try to get in shape in a fun way.

If you belong to this second subgroup, you should know that depending on what your goal is, you have to

choose one class or another. If your priority is to lose weight, classes like the

yoga they will come in handy, but only as a complement, since they will not help you burn

fat very effectively.

But gyms offer other

guided classes with which the burning of calories is guaranteed, assuring you a greater

weightloss. Of course, you will have to sweat the shirt (we had already said that you did not belong to the group that believes that paying

lose weight). These are the three classes most recommended by professionals for

lose weight:



spinning It is one of the best sports of cardiovascular and aerobic origin to lose weight. It is about doing a workout of about

forty five minutes on a stationary bike, alternating phases of high, medium and low intensity.

As it is an exercise in

high intensity aerobicica the consumption of calories is very high, being able to reach the

1000 per class. Furthermore, it is considered a

interval training or HIIT (like the training that Elsa Pataky adores), since it incorporates very high intensity phases in each session, with others of medium and low intensity. When you are in high intensity phases there is a greater gain of

muscle mass and higher calorie intake.

Woman doing spinning /

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Believe it or not, the

spinning It is a very complete sport because, although the muscular work is centered on the

lower bodyif the intensity and posture is correct, you also work the

upper body and abdomen.

Abdominals, arms, lumbar and dorsal They are also toned whenever spinning is practiced as indicated by the monitor.


Gone are those times when women did not practice

boxing (or it was impossible to find a

gym where they imparted this discipline to which other colleagues attended). The world of fitness has discovered a vein in this sport that

burns a lot of caloriesstrengthens muscles and is hilarious.

By boxing you activate the whole body and train all the

muscle groups. On the one hand, you use the

arms to throw punches, protect yourself and deflect the opponent’s blows. Furthermore, the

torso and the

legs they also have to work actively and, above all, be agile. On the other hand, the

boxing it also trains coordination, responsiveness and endurance.

But not only that, but it is also considered as a

HIIT training with which you can burn

between 500 and 800 calories per hour if you combine intensive training phases with short breaks. These intervals help you put your

metabolism get going as your body keep burning

calories even after training.

Woman with boxing gloves /

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels



cross fit It is classified as a high intensity training program capable of integrating exercises of

cardio, strength, flexibility and speed. Its main advantage is that it works the body in its entirety in a short period of time and, as it is a constant exercise

varied there is no routine and there is constant stimulation.

Between series and series of exercise there are rest periods, so it could also be considered a

HIIT trainingsports discipline that helps

burn more fat and speed up metabolismwhich means that you continue to lose calories even after you finish your exercise.

Actually, perhaps this discipline should not be included in this list, since it is likely that the number of your scale will not go down no matter how much you practice it. Because? Because

you will gain muscle mass, which weighs more than fat, so it may be that you weigh more even though you look much better. But who cares

a number if your mirror returns the image you want?

As you may have noticed, these three disciplines are considered

HIITone of the most efficient ways to burn

fatby combining

strength and cardio in a single session of no more than 50 minutes. In this way, you will burn calories through the

cardiovascular exersise and you will gain lean muscle mass through strength exercises.

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