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F45 Training partners with Spartan Race to create workouts at their studios

Spartan Race once again finds a powerful ally in fitness with which to expand its brand. Barely a month after signing a collaboration agreement with CrossFit, the sporting events company has announced that It has also partnered with F45 Training, a chain of gyms with which it will seek different synergies.

input, the two brands will create specific training sessions, based on the Spartan tests, which will take place in the F45 studios and events. In this way, the centers of the Australian chain become the official training of Spartan Race.

Beyond team training, this partnership between the two companies will also allow F45 to have studios present at Spartan obstacle courses. Besides, the F45 coaches will guide the riders through a specific warm-up. Australian chain technicians in the United States will have the opportunity to obtain Spartan SGX certification, which will allow them to incorporate training workshops in these modalities into their studies.

F45 and Spartan will also collaborate to offer personalized training content through different digital platforms. The chain of gyms will also offer its subscribers the possibility of monitoring training and nutrition in the Spartan Challenge application.

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