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FAMOUS FITNESS: Aitana practices climbing, one of the most complete sports to tone the body


climbing It is an increasingly fashionable sport. So much so, that even Queen Letizia ordered the installation of a

climbing wall in the Zarzuela to practice this sport and it is increasingly common to find these facilities in the cities. But the monarch is not the only one who has been interested in this sport lately. A few weeks ago, the Catalan singer

Aitana She published a photograph on her social networks in which she was seen in a climbing wall, with climbing shoes, after practicing this sport that, believe it or not, has many benefits.

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Some people think that it is a physical activity of great

requirement but contrary to what it may seem, it is not necessary to be in great physical shape to start practicing it. In addition, it not only works the muscles of the arms, since it also helps you tone the abdomen area, as well as the back muscles.

Benefits of climbing to tone the whole body and lose weight

On a physical level, climbing works a large number of

muscle groups, both in the upper part of the body and in the lower part. It is a sport that develops coordination, balance, strength and body resistance, which makes it one of the most

complete to tone the whole body.

Yes, climbing particularly works the muscles of the

armsespecially the biceps, triceps and forearm flexors, although it also helps you maintain

back strong and toned, involving muscles such as the trapezius. But while the arms are key to grip and balance, great core strength is needed.

core to reach the top, which also tones the entire area of ​​the abdomen.

If you think the

legs They are the great forgotten of this sport, you are wrong. In a climbing training session you also work the muscles of the

buttocks and that of the legs, in particular the

quadricepsthus achieving a complete work of all muscle groups of the body.

Aitana, during a concert in Madrid in December 2022. / Gtresonline.

climbing too

improves flexibility, by constantly stretching to complete the postures that are needed in the ascent, in addition to developing balance and motor skills, making the stabilizing muscles forced to act at all times. A very complete sport that, while helping you achieve your best physical and aesthetic version, improves your physical health in general.

And if what you are looking for is to lose weight, climbing can also help you since by practicing it for an hour you can reach

burn up to 500 caloriesthe equivalent of an hour of running, with the additional benefit of the global work of all the muscles and subtracting the damaging consequences of the impact on the knees and pelvic floor.

Benefits of climbing for the mind

Like other sports, climbing helps to improve and raise some

neurotransmitters which are key to personal well-being and to reduce anxiety and stress levels. To begin with, it helps to segregate

serotoninwhich influences our mood, avoiding depressive episodes, and improves rest.

But not only that, since it frees

endorphinsknown as the happiness hormone;

oxytocin, which helps increase self-confidence and self-esteem; and

dopamine, which is the hormone linked to pleasure. All these neurotransmitters will improve your level of

Mental Wellness, helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Woman practicing rock climbing in a climbing wall. /

Image by fxquadro on Freepik.

And in particular, climbing forces you to be

concentrated in a single task, something really difficult in the society of entertainment, multitasking and distractions. By focusing on

the here and now (something key in climbing, since otherwise it is easier to fall), its benefits can be compared to those of mindfulness.

It also helps you

control fears, particularly a widespread one such as vertigo. It would be a shock therapy, approaching him in a very measured and safe environment such as the climbing wall and that you can gradually solve it by approaching climbing in nature. By overcoming this fear, it is easier to unlock other types of problems such as

amaxophobia (fear of driving).

And finally, climbing allows you

socialize, since it is a sport that is practiced accompanied and in which you have to trust the other person one hundred percent, especially if they are belaying you when climbing a path in nature. And speaking of nature, the

visit natural spaces to practice it makes you get away from the stress of the big city, which can help you relax the fast pace of life in which we are immersed.

Do you need more reasons to do like

Aitana and approach the climb?

“The civilization and culture of the people depend on the education of women” – Carmen de Burgos, writer

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