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Famous fitness influencer dies unexpectedly in his girlfriend’s arms

The world of social media and fitness is in mourning due to the sudden and unexpected death of famous German influencer Jo Linder, 30, who passed away in the arms of his girlfriend Nichaalso dedicated to bodybuilding. known as joesthetics On digital platforms, she gained fame through her routines and the content she shared online about eating.

Jo Lindner died in her girlfriend’s arms

Jo was a YouTube workout star, platform in which he added more than 960 thousand subscribers, and died last Friday, June 30. The fitness influencer had more than 9 million followers on Instagram. The last publication of Lindner on social media he opened up about his fitness levels after taking a year off from intensive bodybuilding.

“This publication should show that even being natural you can look amazing and you just need to get in shape,” it can be read in the post that managed to gain 1.7 million “likes.”

His girlfriend wrote them an emotional message. Photo: IG @immapeaches

His girlfriend, identified only as Nicha, wrote a heartfelt farewell on Instagram, where she said she was with him when he passed away. “We were just lying snuggling (…) he was in my arms…so this is happening too fast,” wrote the also fitness modelwho confirmed that before his unexpected death he suffered neck pain and felt a lump, but he did not think it was something serious.

“I was there with him in the room…he put the necklace around my neck that he made for me…then…we just laid down and hugged…”

Nicha added that Jo put a lot of time and effort into her networking content.Yes, because he cared about his followers. Besides, thanked her boyfriend for believing in herand finished his post, which has generated 388,000 “likes” and thousands of comments, with a message for followers and fans from the young influencer: “Please remember it as Joesthetics”.

His fans have been shocked by the news. Photo: IG @joesthetics

What did Joesthetics die of?

LJo’s girlfriend confirmed that the fitness influencer died of an aneurysm. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is “a bulge or bulge in a blood vessel in the brain. Sometimes it looks like a cherry hanging from a stem. Experts believe that the Brain aneurysms form and grow because the blood flowing through the blood vessel puts pressure on a weak area of ​​the vessel wall. If it bleeds or ruptures, it can cause bleeding in the brain, which is known as a hemorrhagic stroke.”

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