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Feeling tired: Eat foods with low glycaemic index to keep blood sugar levels in check

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Whether you struggled to sleep all through Christmas otherwise you’ve indulged in too many fatty foods, a sure weight-reduction plan could possibly be a manner out of the vicious festive cycle. Eating a particular kind of food will help you re-energise. This food can also be nice for diabetes sufferers as it may assist management blood sugar.

The Christmas interval comes hand in hand with alcohol, food and staying up late.

Alcohol can disrupt your sleep, whereas fatty food can rob you of power, leaving you not wanting to do something.

If you’ve ever felt drained after having a meal, there’s a easy scientific clarification.

When you eat, your blood sugar begins to enhance. This prompts your pancreas to produce insulin, which converts blood sugar to glycogen.

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This drop in your blood sugar can depart you feeling “overwhelmingly tired”, Science Focus studies.

People recognized with diabetes both can’t produce insulin or don’t produce sufficient of it. In some circumstances, this hormone produced by their our bodies simply doesn’t work correctly, Diabetes UK states.

The foods that may increase your power and likewise assist handle blood sugar are foods with a low glycaemic index, in accordance to the Harvard Medical School.

The glycaemic index (GI) describes at what price food raises blood sugar.


Carbohydrates in food are digested and absorbed at varied speeds, and that is the place GI comes to play, rating them.

This rating will help diabetes sufferers handle their blood sugar levels, which is among the most vital elements of the situation.

Opting for foods like this will help management long-term blood sugar in kind 2 diabetes sufferers, the diabetes charity states.

But low-GI foods can even show you how to keep away from the lag in power that occurs after you eat rapidly absorbed sugars or refined starches, the Harvard Medical School explains.

If a low GI weight-reduction plan doesn’t sound like the proper choice for you, there are additionally different suggestions that may beat the tiredness.

The Harvard Medical School’s tips embrace exercise, ingesting loads of water, having some caffeine and slicing down on alcohol.

Exercising can provide you a pure excessive in the type of increased mind dopamine levels, which will help to elevate your temper.

One of the explanations behind feeling sluggish is also your body telling you it’s in need of fluids. So, staying hydrated is essential as effectively.


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