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Nutrition and personal care was one of the topics that boomed the most during the height of the covid-19 pandemic, and in that process the FIT by Ale Rubio platform was born.

This project was created from the need to provide support to people whose social isolation had to use digital tools to take care of their body and mind.

Technology and social networks currently allow us to cross borders, for this reason, and thanks to the professionalism and accompaniment in comprehensive well-being care, it contributed to the expansion of FIT by Ale Rubio, which now has subscribers from 17 countries.

“The main objective is for my students to enjoy staying active, feeling stronger, more agile and empowered, prioritizing emotional, mental and physical health,” said the creator of FIT by Ale Rubio, who is a mother, wife and coach. fitness.

Comprehensive content that will change your life

This platform is a comprehensive wellness application in which you can not only find exercise routines, but also nutritious recipes, tips for physical care and with it the improvement of mental health, which helps to maintain harmony between mind and body.

There are also classes with nutritionists and psychologists, in addition to 12 different disciplines of exercises.

“The desire and passion that I put into each session and information that I share on my portal, has the sole purpose of helping people achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, without restrictions,” he shared.

Today this digital project has more than 35,000 subscribers, who have found a new way to care for their physical health and heal emotionally.


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