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Fitgeneration grows 215% in turnover in the first semester

What reasons led to the creation of Fitgeneration in 2017?

In 2011, at the age of 16, I started my fitness training and observed that the culture of the gym –broscience– was not supported by scientific studies. And I began to ask myself questions because, contrary to what happened in Spain, in the Anglo-Saxon world, fitness dissemination did have that support: it was common to recommend the use of routines fullbody or relativize the importance of the anabolic window based on scientific studies.

At the age of 21, it was when I already confirmed that the official training that was given in Spain did not correspond at all to practice. So I created an app, Audiofit, in 2017, which included training and nutrition courses. The objective was to fill the gaps in the Spanish educational system.

This application cost €10 per month and was intended for sports professionals to teach them what was not learned in any official center. In addition, it had the collaboration of David Marchante, the first fitness youtuber in Spanish. With Audiofit we managed to train, between 2017 and 2021, more than 10,000 sports professionals between Spain (70%) and Latin America (30%).

But the real spearhead to create Fitgeneration was the development of the “Certificate of Professionalism in Physical Conditioning and Training in a Multipurpose Room”, a title that could be considered the fastest alternative to the University and that is specific to fitness.

What are the main services that Fitgeneration offers and who are the main recipients of them?

Our services are divided into two branches: Training and Nutrition. In turn, the first is divided into the CPE course (preparation to be a personal trainer) and the personal trainer FP. The CPE is designed to obtain the certificate of professionalism and, after training, an official exam must be taken to gain access to the degree; meanwhile, our FP defines official studies directly, without having to take a subsequent exam. With regard to Nutrition, the CPD (preparation course for dietitian) and the FP Dietetics are included.

The recipients of these services are all those who are passionate about the world of the gym. Those under 35 years of age who do not want to go to classes at the University in person for four years and are only interested in the world of fitness (they do not want to play football or study Sociology of Sport as they would be forced to do in their degree).

What have been the first successes recorded by Fitgeneration so far in 2023?

The first success is that in the exam that must be taken to obtain the professional certificate, the pass rate has been 100%. It is a document that you can obtain in a year of training, much earlier than the time you have to invest in your career as a physical trainer or personal trainer. However, we have had many problems with the College of Graduates of Sports Sciences of the Community of Madrid. When we were working at Audiofit, they threatened to denounce us and discredited us on social networks. We had to hire a lawyer to prove that you can’t discriminate, that if you can legally work as a coach with a Certificate of Professionalism in at least one Autonomous Community, you can automatically work throughout Spain.

In the Nutrition department, we had the same controversy with the College of Nutritionists. So our success has been to ensure that the university degree is not the only way to legally prescribe diets.

Our success lies in being able to include videos on YouTube so that people can choose and access the information we have, with all the scientific arguments behind it.

At the billing level, what has been the evolution of the first semester of this 2023 in relation to the analogous period of the past 2022?

During the first semester of 2022, we billed 279,000 euros. In the same period of this 2023 our sales figure is expected to amount to 880,000 euros. This will mean that during the first half of this year we will have grown by 215% compared to the same period in 2022.

What new challenges have been set for the remainder of this 2023?

We want to grow our YouTube community to revolutionize Training and Nutrition and become a reference channel for scientific dissemination. We have 1.5 million views per month on our channel but we want to continue growing to reach 5 million.

And for next year?

Further increase customer satisfaction and renew all the training we offer every year, not every five as the University does. It is a 2.0 approach because knowledge becomes obsolete in a very short time. The second challenge is to improve the professional results of our students, teaching them how to create content, a personal brand, optimize communication… in order to make a living from it.

What billing did they register last 2022 and what billing do they intend to achieve this 2023?

In 2022 we invoice close to one million euros. Our goal for this 2023 is to reach 2 or 3 million. We hope to reach these figures by promoting YouTube as a key piece, as well as improving our web positioning and promoting the Fitness Evening III, an informative event in which well-known fitness professionals present the latest knowledge that has been reached, be it in topics as controversial as cholesterol or about which are the nutritional supplements that work best.

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