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fitness: Asian exercises: do they help you lose weight?

Given the promise of a

miraculous weight loss and obtaining a heart attack body in a short time, the networks are revolutionized, and Asians know this very well. It is increasingly common to find on TikTok or Instagram

viral asian routines that are presented as magic solutions to lose weight. However,

are they really as effective as they promise?

These exercises are usually aimed at

belly fat loss and consequently the

toning of the body and a

weight loss almost instant. They are presented as challenges that can be easily done at home, resulting in

very attractivebecause in addition to the benefits it ensures, it does not require excessive time or specific equipment.

The method that these challenges follow is actually much more common than you think: it is an exercise that consists of performing

pelvic anteversion and retroversion, that is, swing the hips while performing pelvic contractions. In addition, these challenges are often accompanied by

musicso it sets the pace and intensity of the exercise.

How to do Asian routines to lose weight

The key to these exercises is based on the

strain and

pressure of the body to encourage work in this area of ​​the body. Fix your feet to the ground and, without moving from this position,

swing hip back and forth. Repeat this exercise for

30 minutes dailynon-stop and at a fast pace, and perform this routine for

15 days. To obtain the benefits it promises, rest is not contemplated.

Woman in pink sportswear/PEXELS

This movement

activates the rectus abdominis musclebut for this it is important to keep the position of the pelvis stable and achieve a

static balance. Even if you remain fixed in one position, the fact that it is a continuous movement for such a long time causes a

aerobic effect similar to going for a run or practicing cardio.

Risks of Asian Exercise Routines

like this challenge

does not include days of

rest nor rest intervals during the exercise, the activity is greater, but also

increases the risk of injury. The tissues do not have time to recover and assimilate the exercise, and therefore

delays toning from the area. Leaving a couple of rest days a week is essential so that the muscle does not get used to the exercise and the desired effect is truly produced.

Also, as with all miracle weight-loss proposals, there is a real risk of falling into the

rebound effect. It may be that the first days after finishing the challenge you will see the result very clearly, but if you relax and completely abandon the training,

you will soon recover what you have lost.

Woman in sportswear drinking water/PEXELS

Pelvic anteversion brings with it the danger of

damage the spine. If a correct technique is not followed and you do not adapt the rhythm to your physical needs, the spine can be affected and lead to

more or less serious injuries. This can affect everything from posture to balance, which will be very tedious for daily life.

Do these challenges really work?

Aerobic exercises

contribute favorably to the

weightloss, but it entails a series of consequences that, in the long run, may not be so convenient. The

loss of muscle mass that occurs if only these exercises are performed is a disadvantage if, in addition to losing weight, you want to tone the area and ensure your well-being. Also, since you don’t let the muscle recover, it doesn’t assimilate the work and doesn’t get toned.

The ideal way to lose weight is to combine these workouts with a

balance diet and

other exercises that complement your routine. The promise of fast results is very attractive and, therefore, it is very easy to fall for it without thinking about the consequences. Healthy weight loss requires


constancy and a

careful supreme of the

health. Miracle routines are never the long-term solution.

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