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fitness: Hybrid training: you work the whole body, strengthen the core and reduce belly

Some time ago we had one thing clear: to have a thin but worked body you had to practice

cardio and to increase the size of your musculature it was necessary the

strength training. But things are changing and this year the

hybrid trainingthe most complete method to develop all our physical abilities:

strength, endurance, coordination and speed. This fitness trend is sweeping social networks, with the hastag

#hybridathlete with nearly 200,000 entries on Instagram.

Gone was the

interference phenomenona concept coined by Robert C. Hickson that was based on the belief that the

strength and resistance training they should not go together because they slowed down the advances of both. Discarding this belief appeared the

CrossFitwhich combines aerobic exercises with fitness and strength, combining them in a daily workout.

However, you should bear in mind that the

hybrid athletes they will not progress as quickly in a specific skill as a specialized athlete. you will never be the most

strongbut you will be strong and you will not be the most

fast, but you will be fast. But if you are not an elite athlete, this does not have to matter to you, since you will get a

muscle mass interesting while fostering your stamina and therefore your

cardiovascular healthr.

Combining strength and cardio you can achieve a body 10. /

Photo by Ardit Mbrati on Pexels.

Hybrid Training Benefits

burn more calories

By combining the

cardio with strength and carrying out a more intense training (more series in less time), the organism will have a greater

caloric expenditure, which translates into higher fat burning. Conclusion? Not only

you will lose weight, but also volume in those rebellious areas where more


Improvement of body composition

On one hand, our

force increases, which translates into a more

definite. On the other hand, the cardiovascular system is worked on, so our

body composition and our

health overall it looks better.

Avoid risk of injury

As it is not just a training

forcethe stress on our muscles and joints when lifting weights is seen

relaxed for softer periods, so our musculoskeletal system recovers better and

injuries are avoided.

Hybrid training can help you burn more fat. /

Photo by Aleksey Bystrov on Pexels.

Mistakes to avoid in hybrid training

fatigue management

The vast majority of us tend to think that

more is always better, But this does not have to be like this. This mentality leads you to stagnation,

to chronic exhaustion and injuries. You should not always train to the maximum, but you should consider how much exercise you can do for later

get you back properly. If you exhaust yourself with a session that is too long or intense, you will not be fully recovered when the next session arrives, entering a

vicious circle in which you will be stopping progress because of your desire to progress.

Not eating or sleeping enough


hybrid athlete requires an enormous amount of energy, so you have to ingest the

calories and protein necessary to carry out the effort that you intend to do. The same thing happens with sleep, if you do not rest enough, your body will not function properly in your

strength and resistance training.

The success of a

hybrid plan will depend on taking into account not only your muscle tone, but your

goals to design a specific one for you, since it will not work the same training for everyone. Yes, it is possible to have a lot of

muscle mass andAlso running a marathon. You won’t be the best at anything, but your body will be

healthy and definedeither.

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