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Fitness influencers to trust, from Crys Dyaz to Bobbi Gibb

A list of reference people in social networks in the world of sport to follow their advice

Running is in fashion. And tell it on social networks even more. Gone are the days when Roberta Bobbi Gibb She became a feminist and sports reference by putting on shorts and hiding her face under her brother’s sweatshirt to hide her identity and thus be able to run the Boston Marathon. She was one of the first influencers sports. It was in 1966, and women were not allowed to do this type of test. Although they were very wrong, they were not considered physiologically capable of run the 42 kilometers. Roberta ran clandestinely, without a bib number and achieved a time of just over three hours. Since then, many have followed her steps.

There is no doubt that social networks have helped to situate running at the top of the sports ranking to practice in recent years. After the coronavirus pandemic, running has become the best solution to stay in shape and be able to do it outdoors. However, beyond what many may think, this boom of the running and of the trail running has generated an explosion of influencers sports on social networks and, also, it has become the particular August of many brands that use them to get their products under the umbrella of lifestyle and trendsetter.

However, the amount of data and profiles that can be accessed on social networks sometimes they need a filter. Because doing sports is not the same as being able to advise on sports. Determining which of all the information found deserves attention is a complex task. Anyone can offer advice about what you consider without having any knowledge or training in the matter. Is this enough to take care of our health? Obviously not. And it is that seen like this: Would you go to remove a tooth somewhere for the simple fact that whoever is going to do it has a perfect smile? Surely not, because the same thing happens with sports on Instagram and TikTok.

Roberta Bobbbi Gibb at the Boston Marathon.

And it is that the sport has become a swampy terrain, above all because of its ease of spreading by social networks wrong beliefs. Therefore, it is important to know that the instagramers that provide a large amount of quality content are not abundant, but they do exist. They are all those who have a previous preparation for spread this type of training and their advice can be very useful, these are some of the ones that we recommend:

1. Patry Jordan, @gymvirtual_com

I’m sure during the pandemic you made some of his training videos at home. It is one of the influencers best-known fitness club in Spain, on her YouTube channel she has more than 12 million subscribers and 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Patry Jordán, also known for her channel @gymvirtual_com, is a specialist in making short videos of short workouts to be able to do at home. She is also the author of the book I can with everything.

2. Juan Carlos Higuero, @higuero_jc

Juan Carlos Higuero (Aranda de Duero, 1978) is a spanish athlete. He has been ten times champion of Spain in the 1500 meters, European champion in 2007, bronze medalist in the World Indoor Championships held in Valencia in 2008 and achieved fourth place in the Beijing Olympic Games (2008). . In 2018, and after retiring from it, he became a commentator on athletics events on RTVE.

3. Veronica Costa, @vikikacosta

Verónica is a personal trainer and also a nutritionist. She has a large community of followers on her social networks in which she uploads videos of advice and training, like the one that accompanies this news story that she recorded during her last vacation in Mallorca. In total, she has a million followers, and apart from recipes and workout routines, she also talks about beauty, makeup, and fashion.

4. Crys Dyaz, @crysdyaz

She is known as the trainer of the famous, for her training they spend every day influencers such as Laura Escanes, María Pombo, Alexandra Pereira, Vicky Martin Berrocal, Lara Álvarez, Sara Sálamo, Blanca Suárez or Aitana. And it is that the coach is already almost as famous as those who come to her center in Madrid, on Instagram she accumulates 278,000 followers. But it’s not just the familiar faces that have put the coach where she is today, so has her perseverance and dedication. She studied physiotherapy and behind her accumulated 13 absolute Spanish records in the 50 breaststroke event, when she closed that chapter of her life, Dyaz set herself the goal of making elite sport something healthy. Challenge achieved.

5. Raquel González, @raquelglzcampos

She is a Spanish athlete who competes in athletics, a specialist in the walking discipline. She won a silver medal at the 2022 European Athletics Championships, in the 35 km event. In addition to competing, she has also become a disseminator of the discipline on her social networks, she has more than thirteen thousand followers on Instagram.

6. Chemita Martinez, @chemitamartinez

He developed his passion for running at a professional level in athletics, where he managed to accumulate great victories in his record. Today, already retired from professional athletics, he continues embarking on different challenges and adventures on all types of terrain: asphalt, desert or mountains. He is currently the technical director of the magazine Runner’s World and gives lectures throughout the country.

7. Maria Rossich, @womanpersonaltrainers

This physical education teacher started teaching rhythmic gymnastics and a decade ago she decided to focus on working only with women and created the Woman Personal Trainers platform. The Olympic gymnast Almudena Cid writes one of the prologues of we are cyclical and the comedian Patricia Conde, another of the celebrities who trust the Mallorcan’s advice. This graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences has more than 121,000 followers on Instagram, where she offers training advice for women, health, humor, and Sibo, a digestive disease unknown to many.

8. Juan Maria Jimenez Llorens, @juanmariajimenez

“Licensed Trainer, runner and trail runner»This is how Juanma defines himself in his Instagram biography. This runner has become one of the best-known faces on Instagram for mountain lovers. Unmistakable by his well-known shirts, on her social networks she spreads all his adventures as a runner trail. In fact, recently he could be seen in Menorca defending the number in the Ultra Camí de Cavalls.

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