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Fitness instructors invite you to participate in a solidarity event for the benefit of the Hogar de Niños Sagrado Corazón in the A32 neighborhood of Posadas

Melina Dorta – FM Santa Maria de las Misiones

What is this fitness day about?

Melina Dorta: It is a solidarity day that we are organizing to help the Hogar de Niños Sagrado Corazón, which currently needs support and various elements that are missing.

What items do you specifically need?

MD: Mainly, they need personal hygiene items for the children, since they spend the whole week at home. Also, non-perishable foods like milk, sugar, and cocoa for hot chocolate during the cold.

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How can people collaborate?

MD: You can collaborate with whatever you want, but we are not asking for cash donations. On this occasion, we prefer that the donations be in the form of the items that the household needs.

What activities will take place during the fitness day?

MD: I am part of the Misiones Fitness instructors and we will carry out a variety of activities such as zumba, rhythm, fit-dance, tae-bo, megabox, among other disciplines. We want to offer a day full of fun and movement for all attendees.

When and where will the workshop take place?

MD: The day will be held on June 10 from 4:00 p.m. The place will be in the A32 neighborhood, Soldado Argentino de las Palmeras, Miguel Lanús area.

Who can participate in the day?

MD: Everyone is invited to join this charitable cause. We are waiting for you to spend a pleasant afternoon, sharing and collaborating with the Hogar del Niño Sagrado Corazón.

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