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fitness: Jumps with feet together, the easy exercise that tones your legs and speeds up your metabolism

It is no coincidence that the players
faster of the planet have the
leap of greatest length. What sounds like a simple exercise is much more than just jumping. It can be described as one of the
best training methods to become a top athlete. Why not bring back the old magic of the
jumps with feet togetheralso known as Leaping Frog?

It is an exercise
as simple as effective. And not only are you going to work the lower body conscientiously to have wonderfully toned legs, but you are going to enhance many other aspects that will
improve you
sports performance, acquire greater explosive force and even increase your speed. And you only need your legs!

How to do jumps with feet together

Jumps with feet together, or frog jumps,
strengthen the legs through explosive movements. The feet are not really that close together, but that is how it is known. It would be more appropriate to say ”
standing still». This move combines a
squat and a full extension of the lower body, making it a great alternative to the popular
leg press.

If you have
joint pain, do these long jumps carefully. High impact force can hurt your joints. A good idea is to do them in a park
over the grass either
on soft surfaces. The muscles worked are several: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Woman practicing jumping jacks/PEXELS

what you have to do is
stand up with the
feet shoulder width apart. Next, squat down by bending your knees and pushing your hips back. swing your arms back and forth
push your feet to the ground to jump forward and land on your feet.

flex the
knees and the
ankles for
absorb force. It starts with a series of
8 to 12 repetitions and vary it according to your progress and goals. A more demanding variation, once you acquire technique and form, is to do the jump
forward and then when you land, do it straight away
backwardrepeating as long as you have the strength.

Explosive force

The biggest benefit of jumping with feet together is that
improves the speed of fast twitch fibers. The long jump trains the leg and core muscles to contract very quickly so that you can
generate maximum force in each jump.

Woman doing sports/PEXELS

The squat you perform before doing a long jump allows you to stretch your muscles, which will generate a
more powerful muscle contraction when you jump When your feet hit the ground, you must be able to generate maximum force on the ground very quickly to
propel your body forward. The faster your muscles contract, the faster your body will propel forward.

athletic performance

The long jump is an extremely important test for athletic performance and is a great way to find out
how are you progressing with your power training. It measures several important components. The first thing is to evaluate the
ability to use force because you use a lot to jump forward.

But athletes must be able
use your strength quickly; otherwise, they won’t be able to jump very far. In addition, it tests the ability to apply force on a
horizontal direction, which is the key to improving your acceleration. Because yes: you will go from zero to one hundred in no time at all as soon as you master the technique. Which brings us to the next point…

improve acceleration

Horizontal force production is the main component of acceleration. This is the
ability to project force forward quickly, which is exactly what you’re trying to do when you accelerate. The
most popular exercisessuch as squats, deadlifts, power loads, etc., train the production of
vertical force, not the production of horizontal force. When it comes to training horizontal power,
jumps they are one of the few exercises that train that production.

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