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Fitness life: these are the 3 tips from Genesis Medina Mendoza to avoid a sedentary lifestyle

For the influencer Genesis Medina MendozaLooking good physically helps to strengthen our self-esteem. “It helps us feel more secure and thus be able to shine with attitude in everything we set out to do,” she said in an interview.

That is why the Venezuelan woman found in the social networks a way of helping many with his advice to achieve the body they have always wanted, as well as finding the motivation so that they do not lose their goals after a few months in the gym.

And it is that the too fitness model believes that everything can be achieved with balance and organization. However, he understands that there are cases where people cannot leave the house or go to the gym like thousands of single mothers.

For this reason, he is focusing his time and effort on creating a channel in Youtube of exercise routines at home for all those mothers who do not have time to go to the gym.

The content creator revealed three tips for people to move away from a sedentary life

The three tips of Genesis

In this sense, the content creator revealed three tips so that people move away from a sedentary life and approach the world of fitness to start changing their routine and habits for healthier ones.

  1. There is no better refuge than sport: He pointed out that it makes you create habits, motivates you, drives you and therefore achieve better results. However, he noted that physical activity not only involves going to a gym, but also playing sports and being disciplined.
  2. Not being conformist: “It is not good to be conformist, always demand more from your body,” said Medina. She called not to be overcome by mental or physical exhaustion and to demand the body in the appropriate way.
  3. Sport is health: He asserted that never let them tell you that you can’t do it. For this reason, she addressed women who for some reason have left their health and well-being in the background to invite them to be motivated to take care of themselves from the inside out.

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