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Fitness nurses show what they look like without the work uniform

When entering a job sometimes we have to give up our style to give a more formal image or get used to wear a uniformas required by the company or professionand few imagine how we dress in everyday life, so recently two nurses caused a sensation in TikTok por a video where they showed how they look without the baggy robes that they have to use in the hospital where they work

was the user of TikTok Michelle Vargas (@michuletam_), who decided to record a video with her partner in the bathroom of job for their profile, where they showed that under the baggy uniforms that they have to use in the hospital and which they call “pyjamas”, hide a figure defined that few imagined.

“What hides the nurse pajamas“Wrote the young woman along with her video, which already has more than 3.6 million views on the social network.

Fitness nurse goes viral (TikTok)

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The video caused various reactions on the social network, some users criticized the young nurses for being recording videos of TikTok instead of serving the patientswhile others were surprised and even asked them for an appointment to go to the hospital Where do they work.

“And then they say they’re saturated, it shows.” “Suddenly I feel bad.” “And where do I have to go when I’m sick?” “There are professionals and this.” “Aren’t you supposed to be attending to my grandmother?” “5 years of college for this”, were some of the comments received by the nurses.

Fitness nurse goes viral (TikTok)

After the criticism they received, the young nurse clarified that they were on their break so they did not neglect any patient. In other videos, Michelle He has shown more details of his daily life and his love for the gym for which he has gained great popularity in TikTokwhere he already has more than 21,000 followers and his publications add up to 356,000 likes.

Although most of his content is from his gym routines, sometimes Michelle He also posts videos where he makes confessions about his job and has revealed that on some occasions the patients they think she’s flirty, but really she’s just trying to be nice to them.

“This is me at work, this is me from the club,” he wrote in another video that went viral, where he showed what his life is like outside of work.

Fitness nurse goes viral (TikTok)

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