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Fitness: Paola Rojas reveals her best kept secret to lose weight and burn fat fast

The charismatic journalist Paola Rojas She has taken advantage of her mornings very well, since since she left the Televisa newscast, the famous woman has dedicated herself much more fully to staying in shape. Recently, she revealed, through her social networks, what is her best kept secret from her to lose weight and burn calories.

Paola Rojas is one of the celebrities who has shown us that being a working woman and a mother is not an impediment to taking care of her health and showing off a figure in a contest; however, it is important that you know that, in addition to following a balanced diet, the television host practices a discipline called body barre. Have you heard it? We tell you everything we know.

What is the body barré and what are its benefits?

The body barré is an exercise routine that is based on ballet, pilates and yoga training. However, it is a much more complete routine, because it also includes isometric, aerobic, cardio and stretching exercises.

Paola Rojas practices body barré to lose weight fast | IG: @paolarojas

It is a low-impact workout that has been gaining ground among celebrities such as Paola Rojas, due to its incredible results, as it is very effective for losing weight. In addition, this new training routine also increases your flexibility, improves your posture, defines your muscles, and even helps to alleviate stress and lack of concentration.

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As practiced?

This routine consists of a series of controlled exercises with repetitions and resistance. Although the exercises included in the routine depend on your trainer, you should know that it will include movements from Pilates, yoga, ballet and even a bit of body combat. Therefore, the workout will include a ballet barre, yoga mat, and small plastic ball.

The muscles that you will strengthen by doing this type of routine are those of the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. As you can see, it is a comprehensive routine that will work perfectly for you to lose weight much faster.

The body barré is a routine that includes pilates, yoga, ballet | Pexels

However, remember that losing weight is a goal that can only be achieved by combining an exercise routine with a healthy diet, which includes drinking plenty of water. You will see that you will have a lot of fun, while you lose weight.

Are you ready to follow the training that Paola Rojas practices to lose weight fast? Here we leave you an example, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​what it will be like to attend a body barré class.

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