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Fitness Park inaugurated in Parque Comunal de Rancagua

This facility includes highly durable sports equipment focused on sports disciplines such as calisthenics and crossfit.

Rancagua has a new sports space, thanks to resources from the Regional Government along the lines of the Regional Fund for Local Initiative (FRIL) for an amount of 92 million pesos. The project is located in the Rancagua Community Park and was inaugurated by the Regional Governor (s) Natalia Sanchez Aceituno, together with the mayor of the Rancagua commune Juan Ramón Godoy and the community.

The new space contemplates the construction of a high-standard urban sports equipment, which will allow greater access to sports infrastructure for children, youth and adults in the Rancagua commune, which also includes highly durable sports equipment focused on disciplines sports like calisthenics, crossfit and others.

Governor (s) Natalia Sánhez indicated that “this is a project financed by the Regional Government, but presented by the local municipality, this joint way of being able to develop projects that are relevant to the community”, the authority stressed that this way of generating projects “allows us to work together with the 33 municipalities in a collaborative way. This is an example of this and we are focused on being able to specify since they are born from the community and we hope that the community will take advantage of this new space and thus be able to develop the sport”.

For his part, Juan Ramón Godoy, mayor of Rancagua, indicated that “we are working on several projects that are being financed by the Regional Government, which is very important, since it allows us to generate projects together with the community, in Rancagua all the projects that have been developed with citizen participation in order to jointly recover public spaces”.

And he added that “the financing from the Regional Government, both the FRIL and the FNDR (National Fund for Regional Development), allows us to build a Rancagua with more citizen participation and today, specifically in this inauguration, it supports us in having a commune with more sports. Today we inaugurate this one and construction has already begun on the one that will be located in Patricio Mekis and the one in the Gamboina sector, in this way we decentralize the spaces and consolidate new sports spaces”.

It should be noted that the new space has a rubber floor, provision and installation of a street fitnessrope wall, parallel bars, balance beam, and an awning which will allow together to modernize the sports infrastructure of the regional capital.

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