Fitness training goes digital with GreatLIFE’s new program for all

Feb. 15, 2023

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A new workout is just a tap away on your phone or tablet when you become a member of THR^VE, GreatLIFE’s newest addition available for both members and nonmembers.

THR^VE by GreatLIFE offers new workout plans each week, designed for those at all ability levels.

“We started piloting it a few months ago and have received really good feedback,” GreatLIFE trainer Jake Floen said. “Now, we’re scaling it up more broadly, and we’re excited to offer an improved version of the program to anyone interested in working out with us.”

 THR^VE by GreatLIFE is a monthly subscription-based program offering beginning, intermediate and advanced tracks.

“While it’s impossible to write a cookie-cutter program that works for every fitness level, we’ve found a lot of success in writing strength programs targeted to various fitness levels,” Floen said. “With there being movement options for each exercise, you can do these workouts anywhere and in most cases with just dumbbells.”

Ready to learn more? We asked Floen for the details.

What kind of time commitment do members make when they sign up for TH^RVE?

It depends on your track. For beginners, it’s programming three days per week plus one active recovery, and then you’re done for the week. You can work out any day you want. That track takes about 30 to 35 minutes to complete. For intermediate users, it’s Monday through Friday with three strength workouts, one active recovery and a sweat boot camp. Those workouts are about 40 minutes. For the advanced track, it’s six days per week, an hour or more. And our sweat boot camp is set up so you just hit play and you’re working out with me anytime, and it’s for all fitness levels.

How often do workouts change?

Every single week, there are new workouts and new content. On Mondays, we hit legs. On Tuesdays, we press. So you see similar themes and movements, but it’s constantly varied. The intent is that you can do this from anywhere.

With the sweat track, it’s a body weight boot camp-style. In beginner and intermediate, you can work with just dumbbells. With the advanced track, we’re assuming you’re coming into the gym, so there is more specific equipment, but you can still do a lot with dumbbells at home.

How did you design the program to be user-friendly?

I wanted this to be seamless enough that you could sign up without even having to talk to me. There are video demonstrations for every movement, and you’ll see me or others doing the movement with correct form.

But then there’s also a written description for the flow of the set. So we did a lot to make sure it’s not confusing. We’re also finding that members enjoy logging their results to keep up with their progress and supporting friends while they do the same. You can give a friend a virtual fist bump through the app, so it’s a fun way to build community.

Is this available only to GreatLIFE members?

No, and that’s an important distinction. We have people participating in TH^RVE from multiple states, and this is separate from your membership even if you are a GreatLIFE member. We’ll also be partnering with companies to offer a discount when they provide TH^RVE to their employees as part of their wellness program.

How can I sign up for TH^RVE?

 It’s easy, and we encourage you to do so now because, if you use the code LAUNCH100, you’ll get your first month free if you’re among the first 100 to sign up. Click here to learn more, or you can always email us at [email protected]

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