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“Food is 75% of success in a healthy world,” say the Cochesa Sisters

Adriana and Elena Cochesa, known as the Cochesa Sisters, have become a reference in the world of fitness and nutrition for women.

Through its methodology, advisory plans and its popular unflavored protein. Based in the United States and Venezuela, respectively, they have dedicated themselves to nutritionally advising and training women who want to improve their physical and health condition through changes in daily eating habits.

Life allowed them to be born on the same day and become ‘morochas’ with a great focus on well-being over the years. In addition to being veterinarians by university, Adriana and Elena have certifications in personal training, nutrition applied to sports and metabolic problems from the University of Zulia, at the same time that they have built a community of advisers that allow them to show success stories. in transformations of mind, body and well-being.

For more than 30 years, the Cochesa sisters began their path in the fitness lifestyle through continuous exercise, aerobics, among other techniques that allowed them to always have as a premise that the union of food with exercise in our day to day day, is the basis of well-being.

From that moment they began to provide advice and training to groups of women who wanted to be in shape. However, it was in 2013 when Adriana began to compete in bodybuilding to challenge herself and show that goals can be achieved with discipline and perseverance.

Starting from this, in 2016, together they launched their own brand Hermanas Cochesa through digital platforms, thus providing information for all women who want to have knowledge and advice about exercise routines, nutrition and well-being. This community of advisers led them to create a flavorless protein in 2017, with the aim of providing their clients with the necessary nutrition and that it could be integrated into any time or meal of the day.

“Women can stay well, fit and healthy at different stages of our lives”, both affirm, at the moment that they point out that age is not a limitation to be able to begin to establish goals that allow us to see ourselves and feel better.

They exercise it through their own consultancies, where they include a history review of their consultees that covers habits, lifestyle, diet, among others. This leads them to adapt personalized plans to each person’s life and follow up, week by week, to assess progress.

With the motto that “Food is 75% of success in living in a healthy world”, the Cochesa Sisters plan to continue providing information through their community on Instagram, and to be able to create more products that facilitate the life of well-being that so many women want to get

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