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Franco Stupaczuk and the requirement of paddle tennis training

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    Increasingly fashionable and with the physical factor as a great premise, Franco Stupaczuk’s paddle tennis has a more romantic halo this 2023 season that is just beginning: will form a couple with Martín DiNenno, in what is the return of the superkids, the couple who dazzled in Argentina as juniors a decade ago, and who are finally measured on the professional circuit. And Franco, his curl and his jump shot, which we ask him to explain well, they do it with the Sioux Electra ST2, his new shovel, with an air of renewal and aroma of success. We’ll see how it works for you.

    How do you value the return of the superkids and where is your strength.

    We have really played very little together on the WPT circuit, we have never finished a full season together, so our return as a couple is difficult to assimilate as such. It will be something new as teammates, and a challenge that was left pending years ago. In this sense, our strength is totally mental. We have carried a great load of sacrifices on us since we were very young, and that makes us value our current position and give our best in each game.

    What does your preseason consist of on a physical and tactical level?

    My training is very hard. I like to demand more and more of myself, and reach my limits, which I always try to overcome. I train morning and afternoon, and some Saturdays included.

    Tell me about your new shovel, what do you feel with it, who do you recommend it to…

    Siux’s new Electra ST2 is a versatile, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable racket. It allows you to manage your game to be effective in any shot, and thanks to its hardness, it helps you in aggressiveness and effect. It is also one of the most resistant to date, so I recommend it to the general public.

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    How has physical preparation changed since the calendar has tightened?

    My physical preparation begins in January, with a very strong preseason, to be able to start the season at 100%. This allows me to maintain the level throughout the year, especially in those days before the tournament, since sometimes you only have a few days to prepare it.

    For when the paddle tennis in the Olympic Games, do you see it feasible?

    I think that paddle tennis is on its way to becoming an Olympic sport. In fact, it’s something I’m always asked. As many know, for a sport to be Olympic it is necessary to build a very solid structure, and for each country to have an organized federation. Although paddle tennis today is a sport that many people practice, we have to meet all the requirements so that, once it is installed as an Olympic player, it will remain forever.

    And give me a tip to imitate your jumping shot, hehe.

    The trick is in the adjustment steps towards the momentum and the time in which you take the ball, which must be done at the exact point for a perfect execution. Watching slow motion videos of me or someone else’s may also help. Like watching videos of punches in handball or volleyball.

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