From racquets to fitness trackers, we test tennis essentials that will get you Wimbledon ready

WIMBLEDON is now in full swing and everyone is going tennis mad.

The previously poshos’ sport has never been more popular, with over 600,000 of us regularly playing.

Jane Atkinson tests tennis essentials that will get you Wimbledon ready

David Lloyd (, the country’s leading racquet club, is asking people with old racquets to drop them off at their clubs this week.

They will be made almost new and given to local communities, charities and schools.

Today, Jane Atkinson, tests latest tennis products on the market . . . 


Wilson’s Federer Open 105 is currently half price at £49.99 at

RACQUET: There’s no such thing as the perfect racquet – it’s all about the best one for you.

And being an average but perhaps overly keen player, Wilson’s Federer Open 105 is a good compromise for me.

Aimed at male and female beginners and intermediate players, it has a super-size head (105 square inches, as the name indicates) which means more balls going where you intended them to.

The Stable Shaft and O Beam technology limits the vibrations going through your hand, wrist and elbow – I loved the fact I felt less sore after using it.

A perfect entry-level ball-basher for anyone who wants to up their game – but I doubt I’ll reach the heights of Roger Federer, who it’s named after.

It’s currently half price at £49.99 at


The OPPO Band2 fitness tracker costs £59.99 from

TECH TRACKER: The OPPO Band2 was always a great cut-price fitness tracker, but it’s now got a nifty professional tennis mode – which is perfect for anyone who is wanting to hone their swing without forking out for coaching.

The lightweight watch can recognise what strokes you’re playing, your swing shape, and how long you’ve played for – as well as the usual tracking the of your heart rate and numbers of calories burned.

It’s all easily downloaded so you can pore over your stats later to see how you compare, with simple tips on how to improve.

The screen is great on court, too, as it’s bright and big, to easily keep tabs on your performance.

An impressive 14-day battery life and over 100 others sports modes.

It’s £59.99 from


The Raquex Racket Bag is great value at less than £40

BAG: Not only is a tennis bag great for carrying your racquet but also tennis shoes and all the other bits and bobs you need for your game.

While your regular trainers might seem fine for tennis, they don’t really have the lateral support you need when hurtling this way and that to get to balls, and this bag has a separate compartment for the right pair.

There’s also space for a water bottle, a can of balls, your keys and even some spare clothing if you are not sure about the weather.

Great value at less than £40 – and even if you lose your game, you look the business on court.

Raquex Racket Bag in blue, black or pink for tennis, squash and badminton Racquets.


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