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Georges St-Pierre’s frozen secret that helps him increase testosterone

    UFC legend turned Hollywood actor Georges St-Pierre has revealed the secret to his lasting vitality at 40. Since his retirement from the octagon in 2019, he has returned to our screens, but no longer as a boxer with a clean punch and yes in Falcon and the Winter Soldier of the MCU. But he continues to be seen in top form.

    So what is his secret? This is certainly not a strict celebrity eating plan. “I can pretty much eat whatever I want because of the way I train,” she told Muscle and Health. So what? The answer is simple: consistency. “I try to train almost every day,” she says. “I don’t train hard every day, but I try to do, like I said, a little too much, instead of too little. Consistency is the key.”

    But there is something else that GSP believes is key to your fitness and naturally helps improve your testosterone.

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    “Me too i love my ice bath. It gives me a nice adrenaline rush and helps boost my testosterone,” says St-Pierre. When I do it first thing in the morning, it helps me get through the day. If I want to improve the quality of sleep, I take a bath of ice right before bed. I mix hot and cold therapy. So I do ice bath, hot tub, ice bath, hot tub.”

    Cold exposure is a popular method of supporting muscle recovery And while there is some evidence to support its short-term recovery benefits, according to a study abstract published by Examine, more studies are needed to confirm these findings.

    St-Pierre went on to add that you can mix a hot and cold shower if you don’t have an ice bath, which creates an adrenaline rush and improves sleep drastically. “When you take an icy bath or a cold shower, your adrenaline goes up because you’re in survival mode, fighting hypothermia, so if you end up with something very hot on top of that, it gives you an adrenaline rush. That’s when you’ll see a big difference in your dream”.

    Kate is a fitness writer for Men’s Health UK where she contributes regular workouts, training tips and nutrition guides.

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