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Georgina Rodríguez breaks Instagram showing off a great ass on vacation with Cristiano Ronaldo on a super yacht

about Georgina Rodriguez is awesome. The businesswoman has been training hard in the gym for a long time and the results are more than evident. So much so that she has already become a fitness benchmark for many of us who on more than one occasion have written down some trick to define the abs or to work the upper body until we get strong legs. Because? Because his training method works and to know it you only need to see the great toned body that Georgina has been wearing for years. The last few days we have seen how she enjoyed the vacation with his partner Cristiano Ronaldo on a super yacht She has given us a lot of envy, why not say it, but she has also given us the opportunity to comment on things like how strong the couple is and the spectacular abdomen of steel What does Gio have? But what happened today has completely broken our schemes and that is that the businesswoman has uploaded a photo to Instagram of her showing a cround, raised and super firm butt which is worthy of praise.

Those defined buttocks are on another level and of course they have broken Instagram, especially for their followers who have taken little time to fill the post with comments.

How to get such defined buttocks

what hides Georgina’s ass it is a very good gym work. Strength routines focused on strengthening and raising the buttocks are essential to achieve this result, as is knowing how to complement them with other cardiovascular exercises and full body strength routines. If you need a routine that focuses on fully working the lower body, then we leave you one.

Do not forget that for this type of training it is essential to get some sneakers that follow the rhythm of your steps and provide you with the grip and stability you need to avoid injury.

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Routine to get hard and firm buttocks

Headshot of Eva Machón Saavedra

Eva Machón is a digital editor, an expert in fashion, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. No cool sneaker has escaped her radar, no celebrity look has gone unnoticed.

He is a specialist in covering red carpets to look for the most defined abs but he does not get ruffled if he has to try the toughest CrossFit exercises that have to be done to achieve them. Now, what she likes most about her job is having the opportunity to snoop around in the beauty bag of celebrities and ask everyone (she never forgets) for her favorite beauty trick.

No one better than her knows what it’s like to spend hours diving on social networks in search of trends and new products that she can test to write her reviews and give her opinion on the topic that is most current with her friends (why not say so). In her spare time, she takes advantage of the time to exploit her creativity stitch by stitch in her embroidery workshop, unleash energy giving everything in her dance classes and disconnect with a good crime novel accompanied by her two cats.

Eva Machón graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and since then she has worked as an editor in different lifestyle-themed digital magazines. She has been associated with Women’s Health for more than 4 years.

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