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GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Awards 2023: Meet the expert panel whose advice we swear by

Taking time out to feel calmer, healthier and well-rested should be an enjoyable part of self-care. That’s why we created the GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Awards 2023, where we reveal the brands and products you’ll want to be clued up on so you can reach something close to utter wellness bliss. After all, life is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving, and there are tool out there specifically designed to allow your mental and physical health to do just that.

As ever, it’s your votes that really count. However, to narrow down the sheer scale of innovation out there, we selected an epic panel of 17 experts who brought a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to the table, as well as a wealth of knowledge around the wellness space to make the selection process for your votes easier.

The panelists have carefully and meticulously selected 224 wellness products and brands, considering factors such as innovation, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability, so that your votes could determine the 56 deserving winners of the GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Awards 2023.

Each member of our panel is a specialist within the industry, making them a trusted authority in that field – be it fitness, medicine, sleep, mental health, nutrition, dental health or sexual wellness.

Wondering who is on this year’s roster? The internet’s favourite sex agony aunt and author, Oloni, reveals the products that inspire her own sexual positivity and wellbeing. Then there’s GP and registered nutritionist Dr Hazel Wallace – aka The Food Medic – who shares her science-backed expertise with her 600K followers in the most digestible way (no pun intended). Deep fitness insights come from Sophie Butler, a disabled and queer queen who knows a whole lot about self-love, and Aimee Victoria Long whose PT services are called upon by Royal Family members. While mental health nominations are guided by author and psychologist Dr Michaela Dunbar who runs the @myeasytherapy handle, and body-positive activist Michelle Elman.

Scroll down to meet the exciting line-up of pros in the GLAMOUR Wellness Power List Awards 2023 expert panel…

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