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Gold poker for Fitness Gasteiz

Gold poker for Fitness GasteizDNA

Bright. One more tournament the representatives of Fitness Gasteiz signed a spectacular paper. The karatekas from the Gasteiztarra school demonstrated last weekend during the XLII edition of the Shinkyokushinkai National Championship held in Ontinyent (Valencia) that they are in excellent shape and once again confirmed that they are among the best karate quarries in the state .

The latest results confirm this. Proof of this is what happened in the State held a few days ago in the Valencian town, in which Fitness ended with an excellent harvest of 25 medals. Once again among the most successful clubs, in a top-level event.

It is worth noting the five titles won by the Fitness karatekas in Ontinyent. A gold medal player, to which must be added another seven silver medals and 13 bronze.

Spectacular balance in this tournament, which was played in the modalities of kata and kumite. The Fitness fighters won three gold medals in kata and the other two titles came in the discipline of Kumite.

In kata, the gold medals went to Mireia Vizuete in junior female, Aitor Pinedo in junior male and the mixed team made up of Aroa Celis and the brothers Gorka and Irantzu García de Garayo. Finally, in kumite, Unax Pérez in the male cadet and Mireia Vizuete in the lightweight female junior won the title.

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