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Google Pixel Watch 2: new design, price and what’s new for fitness | Mexico | Spain | MX | DEPOR-PLAY

Google Pixel Watch stomps on the smart device market. The new version brings news and rumors suggest that the watch will have a redesign and will have the Fitbit trainer.

The operating system WearOS It will offer interesting features such as customizable spheres and the possibility to choose the colors of the interface. You will be able to make your watch have your personality, and that is something that users appreciate more and more.

Regarding the redesign, the Google pixel watch 2 It will improve ergonomics with a slimmer design for greater comfort. The materials will not be the same: stainless steel will be replaced by aluminum, which will reduce the weight to 36 grams.

The portal 9to5Google reported that the redesign will add the app Fitbit for WearOS, so users will have access to training routines. It is likely to be independently accessible from the watch itself.

Other rumors suggest that the Google pixel watch 2 It would have a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ processor. Its price would remain within the range of the Pixel Watch: $349 for its WiFi version and $399 for the LTE version.

Fitbit Features on the Google Pixel Watch 2

Fitbit tracks the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and floors climbed, providing detailed analysis of daily activity, as well as continuous or periodic heart rate monitoring. To this must be added the data on the quality of sleep, including the duration and stages of sleep.

As far as is known, the workouts are similar to those offered by the Fitbit Premium app through Coach, the integrated trainer, which Google Pixel Watch 2 users can activate at their convenience. The launch of the device is scheduled for October 2023.

What is known about the competition: the Galaxy Watch

We know that the Galaxy Watch 6 will hit the market in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. As for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, it will have 43mm and 47mm cases. Both models will be available with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + LTE. Also, the gadget will have OLED screens, Exynos W930 processors and larger batteries.

  • Galaxy Watch 6 40mm: Bluetooth 319 Euros (USD 349) and LTE 369 Euros (USD 399)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 45mm: Bluetooth 349 Euros (USD 379) and LTE 399 Euros (USD 429)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 43mm: Bluetooth 419 Euros (USD 449) and LTE 469 Euros (USD 499)
  • Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm: Bluetooth 449 Euros (USD 479) and LTE 499 Euros (USD 529)

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