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Gwyneth Paltrow Responds to Criticism of Wellness Tips, Says Her Diet Wasn’t ‘Meant to Be Advice’

Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is responding to the backlash over her recent comments on a podcast about her eating habits.

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“I have been working to really focus on foods that aren’t inflammatory, [and] it’s been working really well,” said Paltrow, per Page Six. “This is based on my medical results and extensive testing I’ve done over time.” She stressed that what she described was not intended to be “advice for anyone else.” Paltrow added that she doesn’t follow the routine “all day every day,” and that she eats “far more than bone broth and vegetables.”

“I eat full meals. I also have days where I eat whatever I want, French fries or whatever,” she continued. “My baseline has been to try and eat healthy and try to eat foods that really calm the system down.”

When she appeared on The Art of Being Well With Dr. Cole, she said that she typically has a “nice intermittent fast” and likes to eat her dinner early. In the morning she would have a cup of coffee, and often has “bone broth” soup for lunch. When it comes to dinner, she likes to eat paleo—meaning fruit and vegetables that could be obtained through hunting and gathering—which she called “really important” to “support my detox.”

Her decision to describe bone broth as “soup” prompted criticism on social media, as was the general routine she said she follows. Some described her diet as preparation for a colonoscopy, while notable TikTok dietitian Lauren Cadillac described the routine as “disordered.” Plus-size model Tess Holliday blasted the diet on her TikTok, and stressed to her followers that bone broth is “not a suitable meal.” She went on to criticize those who gave Paltrow a platform, and said, “everyone is too afraid to be fat.”

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