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Hall of Fame City Pickleball players compete at National Senior Games

  • Twelve members of the Hall of Fame City Pickleball Club competed at the 2023 National Senior Games.
  • The games took place July 7-18 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

CANTON – For many members of the Hall of Fame City Pickleball Club, pickleball is more than a sport — it is a lifestyle.

On any given morning, players can be found on the pickleball court in Stadium Park bright and early, fiercely swinging paddles, bouncing pickleballs and chatting with fellow players.

“You make a lot of nice friends,” 66-year-old Roxane Binkley said. “We’re kind of like a family.”

Earlier this month, 12 members who were 50 years old or older had the opportunity to show off their pickleball skills at a competitive and highly regarded tournament — the 2023 National Senior Games in Pittsburgh.

Those players included Binkley of Canton, 69-year-old Mary Moriarty and her husband, 70-year-old Bill Moriarty of North Canton.

The 2023 National Senior Games: ‘There was fierce competition.’

Over 10,000 senior athletes from across the country flocked to Pittsburgh between July 7 and 18 to compete in more than 20 different sporting events in the 2023 National Senior Games.

Each sport is broken down into different competitive categories. For pickleball, players were divided by skill and age.

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