Happy birthday Aamir Khan! Know about the star’s fitness secrets

Happy birthday Aamir Khan! Know about the star’s fitness secrets

Mar 14, 2023, 05:00 am
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Aamir Khan turns 58 today!

One of the most notable actors in Indian cinema, Aamir Khan is an inspiration to many for his tremendous acting skills.

Khan is popularly known as Mr. Perfectionist as he goes to great lengths to prepare for his roles and fit into the characters.

His body transformations in certain films have been mind-boggling.

Here’s revealing the star’s fitness secrets on his 58th birthday.

Khan works out six days a week for three hours

Khan hits the gym six days a week for three hours.

His exercise regime usually includes 10 minutes of stretching, and 40 minutes of abs followed by weight training.

He dedicates Monday for chest exercises, Tuesday for shoulder workouts, and Wednesday for back exercises.

On Thursday, the PK actor does bicep workouts, Friday is dedicated to tricep exercises and Saturday is leg day.

Khan’s amazing body transformation for ‘Dangal’

Khan was in Arizona, USA for the weight loss program to fit into the character. He worked out for seven-eight hours in one day.

He also used to trek on mountains for over three hours daily along with one hour of weight training and one hour of cardio in the pool.

His routine ended with two hours of cycling/tennis and two hours of walking.

Know about Khan’s diet during ‘Dangal’

Khan continued the training till he attained 9.6% body fat from 37% body fat.

He was losing 2 kg in a week. During his three-week Arizona training, Khan lost 6 kg in total.

He was on a strict diet plan under celebrity dietician Dr. Vinod Dhurander to lose the extra weight successfully.

He went on a calorie deficit with his diet comprising 1,800-2,500 calories.

What the ‘3 Idiots’ actor usually prefers to eat

Khan prefers having small but regular meals daily.

For breakfast, he loves having egg whites and fruits. For snacks, he indulges in wholesome fruits.

He loves including lean meat like grilled chicken, and steamed veggies in his main meals.

For lunch, he usually has roti, and some rice with fish, eggs, or chicken. He also ensures that he drinks a lot of water daily.

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