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He lost weight eating only pizza and even marked his abdomen: that’s how he did it

Ryan Mercer is a 34-year-old personal trainer based in Northern Ireland; he recently became popular on TikTok (his account is @rmnutrition88) for eating only pizza to prove that calorie deficit diets help with weight loss.


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Tiktoker fitness proved that you can lose weight by eating pizza

During 30 days Ryan Mercer ate pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily the man ingested approximately 10 total slices. This was done in order to demonstrate that in a weight loss process one should not be so restrictive in terms of food.

“January is a tough month for people when it comes to healthy goals, my goal was to highlight fat loss over calories in and calories out and show that it’s not about restriction either. We don’t have to restrict our favorite foods to get results and also wanted to encourage more people to prepare their own food,” he explains in his TikTok video.

Of course, the professional trainer was in charge of following his usual exercise regimen and preparing the pizzas himself. Up to date, two were made with pita bread and the largest one with dough.

The preparation of the food was the most difficult part of the challenge, because time was often against them. But Ryan found advantages to cooking the pizzas himself, like saving money (he spent about $10 a day) and making sure he had a variety of vegetables and proteins in the toppings.

In fact, the ‘fitness’ tiktoker set himself the goal of consuming 1,800 to 2,100 calories from Monday to Friday and 2,700 on weekends, in order to lose weight; so their pizzas were prepared with an ounce and a half of protein and seven promotions of fruits and vegetables a day.

At the end of the month, Ryan Mercer met his goal by dropping half a pound in weight and further ripping off his athletic frame. Below is the video of his drastic change with more than six million views:

What is a calorie deficit diet?

Ryan Mercer mentioned that the point of eating pizza for a month was to show that calorie deficit diets shouldn’t be overly restrictive. This type of diet is also known as hypocaloric and consists of restricting daily calorie intake, but including the essential nutritional requirements for the body.

Foods that do not contribute nutritionally (such as sugars and fats) are controlled and eliminated, fried cooking methods are avoided (to give way to boiling, grilling or even air frying) and consumption is favored. of water.

These diets must be applied by a health professional to adapt the amounts depending on the age, weight, height, lifestyle and medical history of a person. They are efficient to lose weight and fight diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Don’t leave without seeing:


There are many ways to express art and the hair sculptures created by Laetitia Ky are unique. She knows their process and the inspiring message they hold; Fortunately, they have not had any attacks.


Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci There is no doubt that the Mona Lisa is the best-known work in history, thanks to her enigmatic smile that was created in a still unknown way. This is possibly the work with the most recorded attacks; first, in 1911, it was stolen and after being recovered it was hung again in the Louvre museum.

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Later, in 1956, a woman threw acid on the canvas and was also attacked by a man with a stone, causing part of the pigment to fade and have to be repainted. These incidents made Leonardo Da Vinci’s creation remain behind protective glass ever since.

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Years later, in 1974, a woman threw red paint at him in protest during an exhibition in Japan; this in response to the fact that the enclosure did not allow people with disabilities to enter. Later, in 2009, she was affected again by another woman who threw a ceramic teacup.

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His most recent attack occurred on May 29, 2022, when a man threw a cream pie into the Mona Lisa’s glass and tried to spread the mixture. Many museum attendees witnessed what happened and expressed that they could not believe what they had just seen on social networks, according to the BBC.

Credit: @lukeXC2002 / Twitter


Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow, and Blue III – Barnett Newman This work came under attack for being controversial and questionable as art. The attack occurred at the Stedelik Museum in Amsterdam. In 1986 he was part of a very important exhibition where what constitutes art was questioned. A man named Gerard Jan van Bladeren affected the painting by shredding the canvas with a box cutter.

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He did this because he did not consider it art due to its simplicity and he spent 5 months in jail. Leaving it, she went back to the museum and cut another Newman piece, this time with a small, sharp blade, according to the Artnet portal, which specializes in art.

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The Night Watch – Rembrandt The work of this painter became known around the world and one of his most applauded creations is ‘The Night Watch’. This work has received three attacks in total, which occurred in the Rijksmuseum museum in Amsterdam. The first was in 1911 when a man tried to slash the canvas, but was unable to because of the thick varnish on it.

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By 1975 it was again torn by an unemployed school teacher and, although it was restored, it still has traces of the cuts. The last time it was damaged was in 1990 when a man who lived in a psychiatric center escaped and sprayed sulfuric acid on it, fortunately the varnish was the only one that was affected and it could be easily saved with some small restorations, he remarked. The Art Newspaper’.

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The Pieta – Michelangelo The highly detailed sculpture is one of the most beloved works in the Vatican, where it is exhibited and admired by thousands of visitors. Around 1972, geologist Laszlo Toth shouted “I am Jesus Christ, risen from the dead,” and soon after struck the figure with a hammer several times. The damage was very severe and required 10-year restoration.

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In a strange way, this attack left something good, and that is that those people who were in charge of restoring it discovered Michelangelo’s signature among the marble. Just like the Mona Lisa, La Piedad, was also protected with glass so that misfortune would not happen to her again.

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The Venus in the Mirror – Diego Velázquez The Spanish painter Diego Velázquez is recognized for his delicate works and his beauty was perpetrated in 1914 at the National Gallery in London by a woman named Mary Richardson, who protested that women had the right to vote.

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With a butcher knife he cut the piece and despite the damage, it could be restored. The ‘BBC’ confirmed that the woman did it to protest the arrest of Emmeline Pankhurst, who, like her, fought for women’s rights: “I tried to destroy the image of the most beautiful woman in the history of mythology in protest against the government for destroying Mrs. Pankhurst, who is the most beautiful character in modern history,” he said in an interview.

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Banksy’s creations One of the most modern and curious artists of today is Banksy, an artist who expresses his art in the streets. His identity remains unknown and, since he began his career in 1990, several of his satirical works have been erased by cleaning workers or the owners of the places where he decided to intervene. Most of the time it was not intentional, simply those who deleted his creations had no idea who he was or the value of his graffiti.

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Furthermore, Banksy was also to blame for purposely damaging one of his pieces called ‘Girl with Ballon’. This was crushed in a surprise intervention by the artist at Sotheby’s auction house, in 2018, after the sale of the work. The author added a hidden shredder to the frame and that’s how he ended up looking.

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The Fountain – Marcel Duchamp On more than one occasion it has been questioned whether this work is art. Even though the original piece was lost, there was an original replica that suffered severe damage from heavy hammer blows from Frenchman Pierre Pinoncelli in 2006.

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The ‘ArtNet’ portal highlighted that the perpetrator spent three months in prison and paid around 280 thousand dollars for his action. The man ended up justifying that it was an artistic expression.

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The Little Mermaid -Edvard Eriksen The statue found in Copenhagen, Denmark, was created as a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen, author of the original story of ‘The Little Mermaid’. Regardless of the fact that it is one of the biggest attractions in the place, it has not been spared from being vandalized on several occasions.

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In 1964 and 1998 they tried to remove its head, but were unsuccessful, prompting them to move the object further away from the people to protect it. Additionally, in 1984 she lost an arm, which could be recovered. In 2003, she was discovered with a base of explosives and three years later, she was seen wearing a burqa and holding a sex toy in her hand. So far, the culprits are unknown.

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