Headache During or After Workouts? 4 Common Causes

Piercing ache at your temples, a throbbing ache in your brow – we’ve all suffered the agony of complications, and there are many causes. Some of us usually tend to get them throughout or after train. 

Good to know:

Headaches are divided into two varieties: main and secondary.

  • Primary complications are triggered by exertion, rigidity, or not sufficient sleep.
  • Secondary complications, nevertheless, are a symptom of one other extra critical underlying situation like hypertension, an an infection, substance withdrawal, or a stroke. 

In this article, we’ll establish 4 frequent causes of complications that may happen throughout and after train and offer you ideas for treating and stopping them. We’ll additionally uncover the reality about whether or not or not train can set off migraines.


If you expertise complications that final for days, or if there are extra days in a month that you just endure from complications than with out, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. A medical skilled can examine to see in case you are affected by main or secondary complications, each of which may come from underlying situations.

Table of contents: 

4 Reasons Why You’re Suffering From Headaches During Or After Workouts

Reason #1: Sustained, Strenuous Exercise

Primary complications brought on by strenuous bodily exercise are known as exertional train or train complications. These are described as throbbing, migraine-like ache throughout the entire head (bilateral complications) and final between 5 minutes and 48 hours.(1,2) An excessive train headache may also trigger vomiting and imaginative and prescient issues. It’s essential to take exercise-induced complications critically.

Headache prevention

Exertion complications typically develop if you happen to skip your warm-up, your exercise is simply too strenuous, or your physique overheats. That can embody excessive temperature indoors or outdoor, or when you find yourself at excessive altitudes, like on a troublesome hike within the mountains.

One solution to stop exertion complications is to scale back the depth of your exercises. These ideas for running in the summer can assist you address the warmth and keep away from dehydration.

Reason #2: Poor posture

Bad posture, stress, and poor kind once you work out may cause rigidity, which may result in complications throughout or after train. Tension complications are described as a continuing ache that’s often felt on each side of the top.(3)

Headache Prevention

Check your kind throughout exercises and your posture all through the day. Review these recommendations on proper running form and concentrate on the most common mistakes are made during bodyweight exercises

Try utilizing warmth, therapeutic massage, or doing exercises to relieve neck pain to calm down your muscle groups if you happen to get a headache after exercises.

Reason #3: Dehydration

Whether it’s from train or simply not consuming sufficient fluids, dehydration is likely one of the most typical causes of post-exercise complications.

Avoid dehydration by calculating how a lot water you need to drink every day with our liquid requirement calculator:

Headache prevention

Make positive you’re consuming sufficient all through the day. To add selection, you may embrace special sports drinks that hold you hydrated and supply your physique with essential micronutrients. 

Reason #4: Low blood sugar

Headaches after train are unhealthy sufficient, however if you happen to additionally really feel weak, shaky, dizzy, or even nauseous, chances are you’ll be experiencing the signs of low blood sugar and depleted power shops. Always be certain that your physique has sufficient power to work out.

Headache prevention

If you discover the signs listed above once you’re exercising, you need to take a break. You can refill your power and enhance your blood sugar by eating more carbohydrates

There are additionally just a few meals that may set off complications and migraines or make them worse – often together with different causes. Avoid these potential headache triggers(4)

  • alcohol (particularly wine or beer) 
  • chocolate
  • caffeine
  • aged cheese
  • meals excessive in
    • monosodium glutamate
    • synthetic sweeteners
    • and preservatives like nitrates or nitrites 

Can train set off migraines?

Research on the connection between migraines and train isn’t very intensive. However, there are research that present that migraineurs (individuals who regularly endure from migraines) can expertise exercise-triggered migraines. It is believed that the exertional complications and rigidity complications talked about above usually tend to result in a migraine.(5) If you’re susceptible to migraines, it’s much more essential that you just stop the 4 causes of complications after train. 

The excellent news:

Studies additionally present that common train can assist stop migraines or at the very least cut back the depth of the ache. This is because of the endorphins produced throughout sports activities.(6,7)


Before you begin figuring out, ensure you are hydrated and that your power shops are full. Pay consideration to your kind and observe good posture whereas exercising. If you might have a foul headache mixed with dizziness, nausea, shakiness, and/or vomiting, cease your exercise instantly and seek the advice of your doctor. The similar applies if you happen to expertise complications that final a number of days.



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