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Experienced astrologer and life coach Priscila Lima de Charbonnières has created a new health and wellness app to encourage self-discovery and transformation.

The app builds a personal birth chart and provides mood tracking, meditations, yoga practices, breathwork and of course daily horoscopes.

“I don’t believe when you’re born that the stars make a screenshot for your life,” Charbonnières tells PEOPLE. “When I look to the birth chart I see a mirror to the soul. We talk about patterns and potentials. We build our personality when we are young, based on our experiences, and sometimes that personality doesn’t completely align with the soul energy and we have inner conflicts. When we understand these two energies and how to make the personality work in favor of our soul mission, we feel better and open a channel of energy in our lives.”

The app helps users to turn unhealthy patterns into helpful routines, in order to let go of what holds you back and gain a better grasp of life’s challenges.

Users can connect with others if they desire, or keep their journey completely private.

Free in the app store with in-app purchases

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